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July 23rd, 2006, 02:36 PM
Hello, I'm Brian Lauer. I'm a first time author and I'm still in the process of completing my first book. I have about 170 pages typed so far. I've really tried to focus on character and plot development. I think it is important to have characters that people can identify with and a plot that that intertwines through people and places keeping a reader interested from cover to cover. At the beginning of the book I added a backstory of events that lead up to where the actual events take place explaining the situation and it also introduces the main characters. The synopsis is an all-powerful crystal has been fragmented and scattered across the known world. A council from the largest city decides to dispatch five of their best to seek out these fragments before a powerful wizard can assemble it and use it for "how original" world domination. Politics and deception lead to several twist and their travels often end up encountering things that usually tend a make an already difficult predicament worse. The plot begins thick and only gets thicker as the story progresses. I can prepare the first 9 to 10 chapters to be sent over e-mail if there is anyone interested in taking a look. Please send your opinions to my email at lauer7983@hotmail.com
Thanks for listening,
Brian Lauer