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August 3rd, 2006, 06:36 PM
The City Of Rejects

Oliver Stone raced through the wet, metallic streets of the city. As he rode across the blood-stained pavements, his motorbike grazed a metal wall. He wanted to stop to see if the graze had caused any damage. However, he knew it wasn’t wise to stop in a street were shoot-outs were common. So without thinking any more on the matter, he continued his journey. He raced past an endless amount of tall, harsh flats that looked like they could crumble before he turned left and fount himself facing a large golden gate. Behind the gate was a huge mansion lavished in gold metal which stood out from the other grey and rather boring metal houses which surrounded it. Oliver breathed a sign of relief. He had arrived at Devil’s house.

Being careful not to cause another scratch, Oliver parked his motorbike beside the walls that surrounded the mansion. He got off his motorbike and fount himself facing a golden gate. He stepped forward and pushed the gate open before proceeding into the garden. As he sauntered through the garden, he felt like he’d left hell and entered Eden. The garden was filled with purple petals and tress which grew apples from their branches. Oliver was transfixed by the whole site; he’d only seen such places in story books. In the city of rejects were he had lived all his life there was no such thing as a garden. As Oliver stood amongst the extravagant plant life, a high-pitched yet firm voice surprised him from behind. He turned around to see a tall, young boy pointing a gun at his face.

“Who the **** are you, and what the hell are you doin’ in Devil’s mansion?” the young boy said, his gun firmly aimed at Oliver’s head.

“My name’s Oliver Stone and I came here--“

“Look I didn’t ask for your name, man. I just want to know why your troddin’ in Devil’s garden.”

Oliver could feel his hands curl into a fist but he managed to subjugate his anger before it released itself. He couldn’t risk getting killed now when he had come this far. His sister’s life depended on it. “Im an errand boy, Devil called me personally and asked me to do an errand for him.”

The tall boy narrowed his eyes and gave Oliver a searching glare for several seconds before he lowered down his gun. “Ok then, follow me and don’t try anythin’ stupid or I’ll blow your ****in’ head of.”

Oliver nodded his head and the tall boy turned around and walked across the garden and took out a key from his pocket. He then slipped the key into the door’s lock and opened the door. He gave Oliver a gesture to follow him into the room and Oliver sprinted across the garden and into the room.

The room that Oliver fount himself in was as exquisite as the garden he had left. Plants and trees filled every corner of the huge room. Vines grew from the walls and ceilings and stretched themselves across the carpet like long, green snakes. Old paintings of famous people and celebrities from the outside world hung on the walls and famous books were stored in the huge bookshelves which were carved in. Oliver knew that Devil liked to collect things but he could never have imagined that he’d have this much stuff from the outside world.

“Will you stop ****in’ daydreamin’ and hurry up,” the tall boy said.

Oliver continued to amble through the mansion and went through even more impressive rooms crammed with priceless relics from the outside world. As Oliver walked out of what appeared to be a room packed with clothes, he was stopped by the tall boy.

“Standard search procedure, gotta make sure you aint hidin’ nuffin’ in your pockets,” the tall boy said, raising Oliver’s two hands in the hair as he searched him.

“Do you know what type of errand Devil wants done?” Oliver asked as he put his hands down once the tall boy had finished his search.

“How the **** should I know, man. All I knows is, one of Devil’s bitches ran away from here and he aint too happy. Anyways, just step right in. Devil should be in there. But don’t piss him off; the guy is pissed of as it is.”

And with those last words, the tall boy darted across the hallway and into another room, leaving Oliver to face the brown door in front of him. Oliver could feel fear scuttle along his skin but at the same time he could feel excitement tingle in his hairs. He’d heard so much about Devil, like how he was the last surviving member of the first batch of teenagers that were dumped into the city of rejects. Oliver knew he had to meet a person with this kind of reputation. Breathing hard, Oliver pushed the door open and steeped in.

Everything was dark. He tried to tell where he was but the absence of light distorted his sense of direction. Droplets of sweat began to appear on his forehead and slide down his face and jet black hair. He began to creep backwards trying to see if he could find his way out the room. Just as Oliver took one step back, the whole room then lit up in a flood of bright light. Oliver threw his hands over his eyes at the sudden appearance of the light.

“So you must be the errand boy,” a cold and piercing voice said.

Instantly, Oliver swooped around and standing in front of him was a man dressed in what looked like silver robes. He wore brown, leather boots which resembled the skin of a snake. His face was covered by a silver mask which seemed to sparkle as if it was made by diamonds. There was no doubt in Oliver’s mind, that the man he faced now was Devil.

“I’m assuming you’re the errand boy that I specifically called for. Mr. Stone?” Devil said, his voice calm yet threatening like the sound of a violent wind.

Oliver felt like he was standing in front of a god and he had forgot what lines he had to say. It was wise that he tried his best to sound as manly as he could but how manly could a 15 year old boy sound? His shoulders broadened, Oliver took a deep breath and spoke with a voice he barely recognized as his own. “Yes sir, I’ am the errand boy, Oliver Stone.”

A small smile appeared on Devil’s face, revealing his white, gleaming teeth. “Well, errand boy, I have a job for you. Do you think you’d be up to it?”

“Yeah sure thing--“Oliver changed his tone of voice, remembering who he was speaking to. “I mean, yes sir. I have completed many errands before and I should be able to complete this errand. However, you must uphold your end of the bargain.”

“Don’t worry, errand boy. The insulin will be ready for your sister once you complete my job.”

Deep within his mind, Oliver had a feeling that Devil wouldn’t give him the insulin but he had no other choice but to trust him. Every day his sister’s condition got worse and he needed to save her, fast. “What exactly is this errand that you have for me, sir?”

Devil strolled around the room, his long robes dangling on the floor. “I have many girls and I can get any girl I want in this city. Females to me are nothing but toys which I play with and when im bored, I throw them away.” He gave a small chuckle and continued on. “However, there is this one toy that maybe I played with too much and now she is gone.”

“She is gone?”

“Yes, one of my most prized toys. Her name is Montana,” Devil said, taking a small picture from his pocket and throwing it to Oliver who caught it in his hands.

Oliver stared at the picture of Montana. He could feel his eyes glue themselves to the beautiful girl who smiled back at him. Her long black hair, dark skin and her curvy figure made him see why Devil regarded her highly. It surprised him that such a beautiful girl could exist in the city of rejects. Most girls were either very masculine in appearance or dead.

“As you can see, she is the personification of beautiful and she is my most cherished toy. And like any toy collector who has lost one of his prized toys, I want her fount.”

“And where exactly can I find her, sir.”

Devil put his hands into the pockets of his robes and took another piece of paper. It was much larger than the picture and he threw it to Oliver. “That second piece of paper in your hands is the address of were she is located. I want you to bring her back by any means necessary errand boy and I want her back alive.”

Oliver nodded his head and gave a slight bow before turning around and walking towards the door. As he grasped the handle of the door he turned around and faced Devil. “Just out of curiosity, sir, but why exactly is this girl of such importance.”

Devil turned around and gave Oliver a glare so sharp and menacing, Oliver felt like he was staring into the eyes of a lion. “Let’s just say, she has something in her, which I don’t want around.”

Oliver wiped the sweat of his forehead and made his way out the room. He’d finally met Devil and he knew exactly why he was so feared. He was ruthless and that was the only way to survive in the city of rejects.

End of Part 1, chapter 1

Rob B
August 3rd, 2006, 09:33 PM
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