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August 7th, 2006, 08:22 PM
In the 1970s I was a member of the SF Book Club and one of the monthly titles was a collection of stories each of which focusing on mutants. I forget the name of the book but would love to find it again. I found two of them on Amazon, both books published in the 70s. The problem is that I can't determine if the book of my youth is either of these. Some of the story lines that I remember are:

1) After a nuclear war, children are born with flippers, tentacles, etc. for limbs.
2) A human boy grows wings but is shot by a hunter the first time he attempts to fly.
3) The Earth becomes bombarded by microscopic threads. Even though they are too small to be seen, there are so many of them that they bury the planet.
4) A country lake develops intelligence and a personality.

That's all I can remember. Any ideas?