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Jonny Bridges
August 12th, 2006, 06:32 AM
Is the man. I'm thinking about getting an Elric tattoo. Cuz...it would be cool...I guess. He rocks face!

August 12th, 2006, 06:35 AM
Oh, cool.

What is the point of this thread?

August 12th, 2006, 07:57 AM
You think it would be cool....you guess? Man, don't get a tattoo unless you really dig it. You'll regret it, trust me. :)

Elric could be the inspiration for some pretty cool tattoos though. Do you have a design to show us?

August 12th, 2006, 09:41 AM
Do you have a design to show us?
yes. I owuld like to see your idea.

Jonny Bridges
August 12th, 2006, 09:11 PM
Yes, this thread is completely pointless. However, I was thinking something along the lines of the Science Fiction book club cover art where he is holding Stormbringer. Unfortunately I could not find anything on the interweb showing it (I didn't really look that hard though). I love tattoos, they are beautiful.

Evil Agent
August 12th, 2006, 09:37 PM
Yes, this thread is completely pointless.(Groan). Then why would you make this thread?!?! To force us to read something that is, in your own words, pointless???

Yes, Elric is awesome, yes he would probably make a cool tattoo. But couldn't you have put this in the general discussion forum, or at least given it a less misleading title? Something like "Elric Tattoo" comes to mind.


August 13th, 2006, 03:47 AM
Agreed, Evil. Please note title change and a move to General Discussion Forum.

If you actually want to read about Elric or Michael Moorcock on the Forums, a search using Elric or Moorcock should do the trick.