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August 19th, 2006, 10:22 AM
I was curious about what kind of people you write about, so I figured I would start a thread about your favorite characters you've invented. And please, I'm not going to steal them; a true writer doesn't do that crap.

I guess I'll start...

Name: Raif Nightwing
Gender: Male
Race: Sheae (elf-like folk)
Occupation: Assassin, exiled
Personality: Arrogant but as time goes on he turns into a stoic person who contains his fury and stays cool-headed.

Raif is the son of a powerful merchant lord in the Sheae city of Savverfall. He is a wayward youth, yearning to abandon his home to explore the world. [At the beginning of the story, he attempts to escape and is caught by huntsmen, and then put on trial. His father bribes the court Arbiter to let him off, but he is sentenced to a year in servantship to a priestess. But things go ill in the city and so the priestess interprets that her goddess angry. So she tries to sacrifice a kid, but Raif stops her. So she decides that he has dishonored the goddess; therefore he must also be killed. The same Arbiter makes a timely rescue due to yet another bribe, and Raif is freed from the temple.] Raif's family and the Arbiter agree to put him into the Academy, where he will train for the Savverfall Legion. His family basically wants him to become a mage, because wizards hold great power and can protect their houses. The Arbiter designates him as an assassin. To make a long story short, the city is struck by plague, his family is wiped out, and the Arbiter is revealed to be a baddie; Raif flees and his storyline converges with other characters', blah, blah, blah...

August 19th, 2006, 11:13 AM
from current WIP: Ghostwalker
Name: Miakoda drek'Jahria
Race: Dreki (gem-eyed humans)
Occuption: Explorer
Personality: Courteous but driven to gain fortune and glory AND has a deep need to help others.

Miakoda, orphaned and only surviving member of her family, is determined to rise above the 'poor orphan' status she has lived under. Following her grandfathers notes, she discovers his greatest secret and does what he was unable to do: step through the dragon ring. On the otherside she finds herself within the old, dusty and crumbled chambers once belonging to a dragon. Before she can fully explore her great discovery, she meets with a young ghost, desperate to get Miakoda's help. Plagued by recurring dreams sent by the ghost, Miakoda leaves the dragon's lair and enters the Lands Of Men. Miakoda is drawn deeper and deeper into the intrigues of Man by her troubled ghost discovering there is more than Man involved . . .

August 23rd, 2006, 12:50 AM
Name: Shie Hasag
Gender: male
Race: human
Occupation: military leader
Personality: calm, collected, deep thinking, introspective, strong willed.

Shie is the greatest warrior his nation has ever seen. He rose through the ranks from foot soldier to general, and has always proven himself a great warrior whether he was fighting on the front lines or directing the whole campaign. He's a natural born leader, and a natural born killer. Unfortunately, over the years Shie has grown to hate the brutality of war: he's become a pacifist. Or at least, he would like to be a pacifist, were there any way for him to shirk his duties. Alas, he knows that if he were to give up his position as general his government would see to it that he would be branded a traitor and would be shunned by his people. He thus has the choice between being a soldier or being an outlaw, and he chooses soldier.

Name: Ronem Glain
Gender: male
Race: human
Occupation: military leader
Personality: ambitious, proud, easily angered

Ronem is another powerful warrior from the same nation as Shie. Like Shie, he has attained a high rank, but he knows that he is inferior to Shie. Whatever he does, Shie does better. He longs to be as great a warrior as Shie, but he simply isn't capable of it. The irony of course is that Shie despises the position his natural talents have led him into. Ronem is slowly being driven mad by his envy of Shie.

Name: Graka Hasag
Gender: male
Race: human
Occupation: assassin
Personality: much like Shie, but not as mature. Much more likely to be rash and to take unnecessary risks.

Graka is Shie's first son and has inherited his father's killer instinct. Graka, however, has chosen the route Shie refused to tread: he is an outlaw and an assassin. He hopes that through acts of terrorism he can manipulate his government into a policy of peace with it's neighbours, thus freeing Shie of his obligation to kill. "I will go on fighting as long as you do," he tells his father. "Once they let you stop, I will stop." No one knows that the assassin lurking in the halls of power is Shie's son.

August 23rd, 2006, 03:02 AM
Name: Oswald Fenman
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Rat catcher
Personality: Hen-pecked, untrustworthy, arrogant, snivelling.

Oswald spends his time roaming the sewers attempting to keep the rat population down to manageable levels. He doesn't get paid for this, but he often finds things of value in amongst the detritus of the city above. He knows the sewers better than any man alive, or at least he believes so and will happily tell anyone who can bear his odour long enough to listen. He is fairly sure that eating rats doesn't do anyone any harm, which is a good thing as his wife makes the worst pasties you have ever tasted and sells them outside the taverns at night.

August 23rd, 2006, 07:53 AM
That's awesome Jacquin. I love Oswald the Rat Catcher.

My best characters are my monsters. The Nighthag, the ultimate predator, ravenous and deadly; the Lilith, a siren that haunts the lonely pools of icy mountain streams, luring men to their deaths; the Crow King, an aged and decrepit rook that changes shape into a small bird-like man, lord of the Black Feathers, the carrion birds; and, Bharghest, a huge goblin-shaman, a political manipulator scheming to overthrow the comfortable world of mankind.

August 23rd, 2006, 02:20 PM
Thanks, he was brought into existence by a thread in the Collaborative stories forum, but I was too late to post as HE beat me to it. A good thing too as the story was published in ASIM #20.

I keep thinking I should dig him out and go see what he's up to these days...

August 23rd, 2006, 02:28 PM
Thanks, he was brought into existence by a thread in the Collaborative stories forum, but I was too late to post as HE beat me to it. A good thing too as the story was published in ASIM #20.

I keep thinking I should dig him out and go see what he's up to these days...

You should....

Michael B
August 23rd, 2006, 02:32 PM
Name: Rashell
Gender: female
Race: human
Occupation: enchantress
Personality: no nonsense, prepared to do what it takes to do the job, secretive.

Drawn to the city of Drywater, a place where the losers and fallen in her world end up. However is no loser or fallen but employed by the Triumvirs of her home realm. Travels from place to place by flying at night on various quests. Married to Janno but currently a grass widow (no prizes for guessing that he resides in Drywater)

(Literary background. Evolved from a Morgan le Fay charcter in one story and evoling into another yet unnamed enchantress in another. Still the same powers though.)