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August 26th, 2006, 02:21 PM
It’s a fact TERMINATOR was a tailor-made role for Arnold Schwarzenegger yet people require the triggering of the memory regarding the FIRST TERMINATOR who was also the FIRST MAN DRESSED IN BLACK, a Siberian-Swiss-Mongolian gypsy guitar player & circus trapeze artist, the actor who was also RAMSES II and played an important part in Karamazov Brothers and a Siamese King. I’m referring, of course, to bald actor Yul Brynner born in Vladivostok (whose real name was Taidje Khan) and the film which was made 11 YEARS before Terminator (directed by James F. Cameron in 1984) with the idea of the same writer Michael Critchon. As a matter of fact the film I’m talking about –WESTWORLD (written & directed by Michael Crichton in 1973)- was a combination of yet other of his writings: JURASSIC PARK. And you know what? Arnold is involved in the project of the re-making about next year. The director is the Hindu guy who did the film THE CELL which is a TOTAL RECALL trip to the mind of schizophrenic assassin. As if it were “scheduled” in anticipation to the events on 9/11 BLADE RUNNER was made by Ridley Scott 9 YEARS after Westworld (1982). Just like Arnold’s friend Sly Stallone was involved in the scene quoting Arnold in DEMOLITION MAN it seems Sly will also appear in the remaking of WESTWORLD or Arnold himself. Yet, there’s gonna be a twist of things because either of them this time won’t be the killing-machine Executioner but will be chased by Bruce Willis (the 3 of them were partners in business as well) who starred in ARMAGGEDON. It seems bald Bruce Willis will do the android gunslinger role performed before by Yul Brynner. Isn’t it interesting Arnold was a Russian guy in RED HEAT and bore the Egyptian name HAPI in Around the World in 80 Days when Yul was a Russian guy and was Egyptian pharaoh? Yul was the proper person to play Taras Bulba. Never mind Yul was 5’10” tall (1.78 m which is the same height shared by Sly Stallone) and Arnie is 10 cm taller (6’2” or 1.88 m compared with Tom Cruise who’s 1.70 m), Yul was very effective as cowboy-Terminator:cool: .

Even more intriguing is the fact WESTWORLD was a combo between Terminator and Jurassic Park (Critchon’s idea), a sort of Disneyland that went wrong in spite of the propaganda “where nothing can go wrong” (where nothing can go wrong…nothing can go wrong…nothing can go wrong, nhotnig can go wnrog…niohtng can go worng….no……) and that was the first film introducing real computers and concept of virus affecting them. Just like Arnold, Yul Brynner was unstoppable android dressed like himself in the classic western THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and his character, the “good” Chris (Christ abbreviation) ADAMS (Arnold was Adam Gibson in the film SIXTH DAY which is the day of creation of Adam according to the Bible and God rested in 7th Day!) or in Adios Sabata, etc. Yul Brynner is riveting, combining blunt talk and characteristic balletic grace with the elongated strides of the American cowboy. A strange bright coming from his eyes which could stare the things with infrared camera. In other words, Yul Brynner was an android or cyborg bad TWIN version of himself. A clone. In that western there was a guy with Polish heritage and son of a coal miner, Charles Buchinsky, better known as Charles Bronson. Critchon had his idea visiting NASA and thinking the training of the astronauts transformed them into a sort of robotic people & perhaps he witnessed some kind of accident in Disneyland where satisfaction is always “guaranteed”. Brynner was a good actor, and even playing a machine, his skill is used to great effect. His performance was anything but wooden (unlike the always wooden Arnold in "The Terminator", for instance).

When Brynner's robot gunslinger commands "Draw", with the slightest twist at the corner of his mouth, he is completely creepy and scary. Even the way he walks when hunting down Richard Benjamin's character has an element to it that we have rarely seen again.
More than this. The rumor says the new WESTWORD won’t have the same old environment merely but something more. It will have LUNARWORLD, JURASSIC WORLD & AQUAWORLD. In the original film we see a reconstruction of the Middle Ages era and Roman times orgies. It will be interesting to see if we’re gonna see Roman statues remembering APOLO or ARES gods. Perhaps I need to lead you to the trailer of the old film and some photos. Yul’s face is splashed with acid (an effect that combined oil-based make-up with Alka Seltzer) and he got caught on fire in a magnificent stunt sequence. As a subliminal message I see a combination of WATER AND FIRE destruction. I bet something will go wrong specifically in those scenarios of the film giving the DAY AFTER TOMORROW sort of message.

I have also said it’s no coincidence the director Sommers (who did The Mummy and The Mummy II, do you remember we see the 10 plagues in the first film as well?) will remake both “When Worlds Collide” (the producer will be Jewish guy Stephen Spielberg who was also involved in the animated film PRINCE OF EGYPT) and “Flash Gordon” about 2008. Just like blonde Caucasian “gringo” Flash Gordon had to save the world (and Mars) from the emperor Ming’s threat in planet Mongo (a reference to real emperor Mao Tse Tung in 1938 because Ming is the name of a Chinese dynasty while Mongo is a reference to Mongolians….like Yul Brynner himself bloodline), in the same way Dr. Zarkov was also the equivalent of the “crazy” Russian researcher criticized by scientist community during 1950’s: Immanuel Velikovsky. Nowadays the one quoted who is also a Russian-Jew researcher and NASA consultant (who seems to be inspired by Russian-Jew Velikovsky) is Zecharia Sitchin who has explained our moon is too big when we compare the mass of the other satellites in our Milky Way and their respective planets. In our days we know the equivalent to emperor Ming is North Korean dictator and the Bible Code suggests catastrophes involving Mars satellite and Japan, China, etc…. not to mention alliances between Iran and China….that makes us think about history links between ancient Mongolians and Chinese people. It’s good to remember Yul Brynner was also raised in France and CHINA before he came to America as a part of Chekov theatre company and Hollywood world. And he really traveled AROUND THE WORLD although not in 80 days.

Yul Brynner got to the stardom also because of his role as Ramses II pharaoh. The director of the film The Ten Commandments was Cecil B. De Mille and Moses was Charlton Heston who seems to be Mormon and in fact played a Mormon leader in a film with Tom Berenger. When Brynner knew he would be shirtless for most of the film, he began a rigorous weight lifting program because he did not want to be physically overshadowed by Charlton Heston. Cecil B. De Mille was always paying attention to details and it’s interesting the setting of Egyptian hieroglyph with the image of the SERAPHIM/WINGED-SNAKE DRAGON (although the Judaism says the seraphim do have 6 wings and not just a pair and the hidden text in Numbers 21:8, 9 about the nahash nehoshet SINGLE COPPER SNAKE wrapped around a staff connected with Christ as explained in John 3:14 in a private chat with Nicodemus) together with Yul Brynner right here:


I would like to remind you Genesis 3 snake is not literal reptile but Apocaliptic dragon winged-snake like Chinese dragons. Linguist Michael Heiser is correct explaining the Hebrew noun here is “hanashash” revealing an interdimensional seraphim with feet and hands. Compare with Isaiah 6:1 to 7; 14:29; 30:6. The seraphim had specific place closer to God’s throne compared with the tetramoulon cherubim. It seems due to Satan’s sin his seraphic features were lowered into cherubim humanimal entity. It’s interesting the fossil evidence shows there were feet in the primitive serpent.


2rods of bivalent chromosomes of DNA & “loops” or wings:


This reminds not only Sitchin’s explanation about the splitting of the chromosomes of parents to beget the HORUS-CHRIST child as we see also in The Book of Dead (The Cosmic Code chapters 5 and 6) but also what was known by shamans:



And again Yul Brynner with the Martian/Pharaoh headdress representing the illumination bursting out of the falcon Horus udjat third eye, because the reptile shape is implicit in several levels within human beings and outside realms as well, the shape of an energy that can be transformed into matter and the opposite:



So, Yul Brynner was a Martian Osiris prototype son of the Martian cherubim!

In the Ten Commandments we see the Avenue of the Sphinxes and I could see the real one when I was in Egypt, illuminated at night. But we didn’t see the cherubim/sphinx painted red neither in that film nor in any other. In the past the bearded statue was like this:


But who knows if the face was that or was lion-man or like a Negro woman as interpreted by geologist Robert Schoch:

http://www.robertschoch.net/Egyptian%20Mummy%20Women%20Schoch%20Dowell%20CT.ht m

It wouldn’t surprise me if whoever hired to make the Westworld 2007 script introduces Martian catastrophes or lunar collisions. In the following site you will see how the Immanuel Velikovsky (the real Dr. Zarkov in Flash Gordon as played by Jew actor Topol in 1980’s campy version) was right about many things but probably confused Venus with Mercury:


Charles Berlitz informed (Mysteries from Forgotten Worlds, chapter XI) Velikovsky’s ideas were right about Venus temperature and orbit in opposite direction compared with other planets, Venus atmosphere composed by carbohydrates and likeness of its surface, electric charges, etc. In 1980’s version among other things we see fragments of the moon falling down on earth and Freemason rituals and logo. Check the Freemason square and compass in one of the characters (Klytus), the torture of Ming’s daughter and CIA ex-nazi members practicing MIND-CONTROL like Dr. Zarkov’s memory erased, project MKULTRA:



Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to be in the remake of PLANET OF THE APES in Oliver Stone film but the director dropped the idea when knew Arnie was gonna participate. As we know that classic film was made by the same director –Franklyn J. Schaffner- who did BOYS FROM BRAZIL, where we see Gregory Peck as the Nazi Dr. Menguele ‘angel of death’ who was specialist in CONJOINED (like cherubim) SIAMESE TWINS genetic experiences and maintained his personal troop of DWARFS (Danny de Vito in TWINS? De Vito’s height is 5' (1.52 m). See photos of some real cases of Siamese mutations this Nazi doctor was trying to produce on purpose:



Now, I always though Arnold is the UGLY and more muscular version of Charlton Heston used to be mainly because the features of the face and big teeth and larger than life statue matching-up with his stature, he’s 6’3” (1.90 m or 2 cm taller than Schwarzenegger but 1” or 3 cm shorter than Clint Eastwood who’s 6' 4" or 1.93 m). As a matter of fact in one film we see both “spy” Arnold and Heston working together and Heston was wearing a pirate patch on one of his eyes (ONE-EYED TERMINATOR/PIRATE?). In old version of Planet of the Apes the “explanation” given to the existence of smart apes and stupid men was because of a NUKE HOLOCAUST while in Tim Burton’s version was the GENETIC MANIPULATION which is closer to reality. Certainly there are links here with the hominid face at Cydonia and the combo probable Neanderthal/Cro Magnon features of the Egyptian sphinx as suggested by Anthony West:


In the climax of Planet of the Apes we see Statue of Liberty half-buried in the sand and in the new version we saw Abraham Lincoln statue with chimp features. In both cases the audience is taken by surprise because in the original we were DECEIVED thinking –like Heston- we were in a planet near ORION instead of our own planet and in Burton’s film the ship clock was suggesting indeed the astronaut was GOING BACK ON TIME and yet he landed in future earth or alternative earth. It’s interesting Heston was cast as an old-chimp keeping a gun (he is a well-known defender of using fire arms and 1st Vice-president and elected President of National Rifle Association of America) as a human archeological device while he played a human astronaut in original film and he interpreted 3 presidents in other films. Michael Critchon said the story of Westworld was inspired by the animatronic Abraham Lincoln figure at Disneyland:



Charlton Heston performed the Hebrew God concept in a film with Australian actor who did “Crocodile Dundee” wearing almost the same make-up as Moses representing God himself in The Ten Commandments (compare with the specific mention of this in Exodus 7:1, 2) but he was taught the Egyptian customs and wore their clothes as well:



Heston was offered to play Freemason South American leader Simon Bolivar but he didn’t accept the role. Heston was the epitomized version of the hero in films like Earthquake, The Omega Man, Planet of the Apes, Beneath the Planet of the Apes. As “El Cid” Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar he was a Christian knight fighting against Muslim leaders and also did the same, fighting the Mohamed follower Madhi as British general “China” Gordon; he was the Jew fighting Roman enemy Messala in Ben Hur, a rich Jew transformed by his hate against Roman empire and then converted into Christianity. Spielberg put his hand in animated film Prince of Egypt largely based upon The Ten Commandments and Yul Brynner role but in a scene we see the pharaoh riding side by side the chariot just like Charlton Heston as Ben Hur opposing Stephen Boyd as Mesala in Ben Hur chariot scene. Heston was even Michelangelo sculptor and painter under the contract of the Pope; John the Baptist decapitated by Idumean/Arabian Herod king; he was also an American president not to mention his performances as cowboy, explorer of Inca ruins, fighting killing ants in the jungle, investigator of the curse of a mummy, the guy who faced catastrophes in airplanes or fought back the Japanese in his military uniform in “Midway” battle, etc. It seems the chosen actors represent a prototype on their films. Arnie is not exception but in his case –like Set and Osiris there’s some confusion of identities-, the bad guy –like Cain- is transformed into a good guy. We see this mutation in Terminator II and III and playing Jericho Cane fighting the Antichrist in The End of Days. This is a trick to hide reality just like it happened with Osiris/Cain killer who changed his image converting himself into the god who cared about CROPS. In some cases I think the actors are like puppets who don’t see the irony of their roles. Examples:

The Jew actor Tony Curtis was killed by Jew-Russian actor Kirk Douglas (whose real name is Issur Danielovistch Demsky) in Spartacus (a film in which Kubrick’s hand was there as well), so Kirk very consciously hired Curtis to kill him in The Vikings produced & directed by Kirk himself. Curtis also teamed with Yul Brynner in Taras Bulba and Kirk also worked with Yul Brynner in at least 2 other films. Heston also teamed up with Yul Brynner. Laurence Olivier was the Roman elite individual inviting Curtis into a homosexual affair and was playing a German-Jew Nazi hunter in The Boys of Brazil but at the same time was cast as bald nazi in The Marathon Man chasing Jewish actor Dustin Hoffman. Keanu Reeves was Johnny Nemotic with his brain plugged just like Neo-Buda/Christ in MATRIX where one thing is illusion and other reality. In one scene in The Little Buda playing Siddartha Buda Reeves says he needs to wake up the world because the world is sleeping like in Matrix sort of thing. He was chosen to fight against demons and exorcise people in Constantine while in his real life disaster follows him as personal matrix: his friend, mom, sister, pregnant ex girl friend involved in diseases or accidents. His dad abandoned him. It seems he will be cast to fight Chinese monsters in the new version of Sinbad with the help of the old Hollywood master who did films about mythology and monsters, Harryhausen. Meanwhile his new film is based upon the short story of the same guy who inspired TOTAL RECALL film, I’m talking about Dick’s novel. Laurence Fishburne had the name of the Lord of Dreams, Morpheus and drove the ship called Nebuchadnezar, a Babylon king who asked prophet Daniel to reveal the meaning of his dreams. He also participated in one of Freddy Kruger’s Nightmare on Elm Street and Apocalypse Now where reality seems to be an infernal vision or nightmare.

August 26th, 2006, 02:23 PM
Trailer of Westworld:


Photos of the film:




Alka-Seltzer and oil based make-up plus small plastic tubes of smoke were added to Yul’s face. The smoke produced an attack of coughing. That very day Yul’s stomach wasn’t good and he had to take Alka Seltzer. The people were making jokes Yul had Alka Seltzer inside and outside. Eighty % reflectant mirrored tiny silver contact lenses controlled by lighting were used in the robot-characters yet Yul got shot in the eye with wadding from blank cartridge in spite of all precautions. His cornea was scratched and for 2 weeks he couldn’t wear his lenses, tears ran down from one cheek and his injured eye turned bright red from irritation. First time we saw lens like these were on Star Trek tv series:

Later one we have seen them on Chronicles of Riddick and Liam Neeson’s eyes as Henri Ducard in Batman Begins.
See the photo at the bottom left:


Brynner did his horse riding stunts himself even the loudly dropping flat on his face that made the set to echo in incredible way. In the film you could never suspect Yul was almost 60 years old at the time and he looks fantastic. James Brolin was bitten indeed by the unmilked rattlesnake in spite of the leather and cotton pal protecting his arm under his shirt.

One thing discussed in the forums is in the final scenes the gunslinger couldn't "see" Peter lying on the table because the temperature in the labs had risen to 98 degrees, the techs mentioned that not long before they died, there had been some kind of malfunction with the A/C. With the room temperature being the same as body temperature, Peter became invisible to something looking for a heat signature. In that sense we can associate this with Arnold Schwarzenegger covering his body with mud in PREDATOR to dodge his vision and in Predator II the room with ultraviolet light.
As if this were not enough, everybody seems to make predictions about 2012 and forgot everything about another Yul Brynner’s performance: THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR before MAD MAX series. The story and fight scenes were balanced just right where one didn't over take the other. Story: New York 2012, the world has gone down the crapper and a plague as wiped out the food supply. The Baron (Von Sydow) and a couple of survivors developed seeds that are resistant against the plague. But Carrot (Smith, just a cool baddie) and his boys are causing some havoc of sorts and the Baron enlist the help of "the Ultimate Warrior" Carson (Brynner as the super-samurai, in the first minutes of the film is shown standing in front of the library square for two days meditating while standing, very atmospheric) to help transport the seeds to a island of the coast of North Carolina with his pregnant daughter Melinda (Joanna Miles, giving a really good performance). Then this eventually leads to a showdown between Carson and Carrot in the New York Subways. People there are successfully experimenting with BREEDING SEEDS which are immune to the plague. Carson and Carrot’s final fight scene is the best in the film and despite only minimal flutters of enthusiasm or excitement in the film’s previous 85 minutes, the final struggle is suprisingly quite (literally) gripping to watch. Things never get into high-gear up until the end with a couple of memorable scenes - one where Brynner has to interrupt a fight to deliver Joanna Miles's baby with his bare hands, and the climactic face-off with William Smith (lead heavy from a number of biker movies) hanging over the edge of a pit where Brynner has to sever his own wrist with an axe - surely the ultimate self-castration symbol for an action hero - to free himself from a steel bolas. You can think in Hannibal Lecter or Terminator II removing his arm to reveal the metal skeleton.



Don’t forget Bill Smith works in that film. Bill Smith has been in at least 150 movies, and guest-starred in practically that many TV shows. Tougher than Arnold he was Conan's father in "Conan the Barbarian," which Max von Sydow was also in, as you may know. :rolleyes:

August 26th, 2006, 02:27 PM
My idea of remake would be casting “shaolin” Gordon Liu :D who was supposed to do Brynner’s role as a super-samurai who removes his hand (like Terminator II or Hannibal Lecter) in The Last Warrior:



Funeral wagon pulled by mechanical black horses wearing purple, black or blue feathers on their foreheads chasing tourists by gunslinger in a high speed race breaking through Middle Ages sets, etc in a persecution which murders Arnold:


Some horses torn apart or exploding :eek: as a consequence. We can set Arnold shooting Rambo android impersonator as a joke reminding the own gig in The Last Action Superhero where in a poster Stallone is Terminator! We can imagine a showdown which includes bald gunslinger and young Clint Eastwood as the Spaguetti western hero and tourists killing both of them. Toby Stephen was the young Clint Eastwood in Space Cowboys although he’s too short (5' 10" = 1.78 m) compared with Eastwood (6' 4" = 1.93 m) nothing a shot seen from a lower angle can’t fix:



With the proper haircut and being unshaved like the unnamed squinting gringo wearing a green poncho and chewing and spitting the cigar with the right hat he would be just perfect. While bald gunslinger gets caught on fire & smoke and his black hat and clothes are semi-burned we could watch Eastwood character being the one with the face mask dropping off. Prior to that we see cowboy Yul/Gordon Liu smashing the sets in Egyptianworld area like if it were the sets of The Ten Commandments and Middle Ages scenario. Crowd of people scared stepping on each others and climbing down ladders like in Oddessa massacre scene in Russian film Potemkin Battlefield (mimic in slow motion in The Untouchables stairway scene). Roller coaster falling down upon people like forthcoming Russian film Day Watch. Roman or Russian scenarios burning down to the ground like the set during Gone With the Wind. Clint Eastwood robot throwing “stones” to tourists from selenic landscape in Moonworld set. Seaworld being a chaos and water splashing through broken windows.

Rob B
August 27th, 2006, 05:26 PM
What exactly is your point in this extremely long posts?

Westworld is how old? 30 years old? Is there a new DVD release or something?

Rocket Sheep
August 27th, 2006, 07:19 PM
I think it's that Brynner is sexy at 60. ;)

August 28th, 2006, 07:07 AM
Chinitial seems to have a gift for a sort of stream of consciousness free association discourse in these posts. For message board posts I'm rather impressed even though I think some of the religious linkages being drawn seem a stretch and if looked at cynically could be a tad offensive. Anyway, the meandering thoughts remind me a bit of that show Connections previously on BBC IIRC. Sadly I have not seen Westworld and am not exactly sure what the point is either.

August 28th, 2006, 07:35 AM
Rob, I have never read as a condition in this forum that I must discuss new films only. The very theme of this forum is about science fiction. Now, if as a moderator you don't care about science fiction or you ignore Westworld was the original TERMINATOR combo with JURASSIC PARK or if you care to demand new conditions never stablished so far, that's your own affair. I followed the rules so far, if you don't like it it's your own business. I saw that you also didn't like my post about Mission Mars so I guess is beginning to be something of a behavior reminding me from the very beginning is a kind of TERMINATOR 4 chasing me.:cool:

Rocket Sheep
August 28th, 2006, 08:24 AM
Stylistically, the tone of your posts strike me as a more bloggish style of writing than one based on communication expecting response or imput from others. Have you considered a blog?

Focussing on a minor detail, way back up there: I never knew Croc Dundee worked with Charlton Heston. How long ago was The Ten Commandments filmed? I thought the Croc Dundee movie was his first big screen appearance. Or was that a perpetuated myth because it destroyed his marriage and took him away from Australia? Aussie boy does good, but at what price, abandoned family for younger woman, kind of thing, for publicity?

August 28th, 2006, 08:32 AM
Rob just asked you what the point of the multiple posts were, and I think his interest in science fiction cannot be doubted as a moderator and reviewer here.

I loved Westworld, and I think Yul Brynner is a marvellous actor, having seen quite a few of his films. I also think that some of the films you tell us about are pretty damned brilliant - The Vikings etc...but I only scanned what you wrote because it didn't seem to have much point...A lot of it I already knew so it didn't shed an enormous amount of light on anything, and since so much of it is statement of fact, with no open ended questions, it is hard to have a response other than 'huh?' Did you want people's thoughts on anything in particular or are you just imparting your pretty impressive knowledge? I have another question. What are your thoughts on Yul Brynner in the King and I? It never seems to sit well with me but as I understand it, he also played the role on stage for a considerable length of time...Far removed from his gun toting in The Magnificent Seven really. Can you imagine Steve McQueen doing the same?

August 28th, 2006, 08:52 AM

Thought that link might be of use, chinitial.

While you no doubt have some interesting facts in your posts, it's difficult to know what to discuss, as Rob B says, what exactly is your main point in these posts?