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August 28th, 2006, 05:09 PM
So I found this really great publishing opportunity. Basically there's this fun game, Mardi Gras 3000. It's an awsome card/role play/board game coming out September 1st, and the publishing company printing it has released an anthology contest to go with it. Cool part: it's aimed at teen writers, (13-19). If enough adults are interested there may be a seperate anthology, but there WILL be one for teens only. That's a good chance of publication.

Basically, you write a short story (there's even opportunities to write novels or novellas) based in the game's world (you don't have to use the characters on the cards unless you want to, though one of them have to at least make an appearance) but it's how cool this world is that makes it so great. Any kind of fiction writer can have fun with it.

When talking about the game, the cards say "Terrapyre warriors rule the night. Celestial knights command the day. For one hour, at dawn and dusk, they clash. The clan who retrieves the Grail and unlocks a Portal will control reality." The game is more sci-fi-ish, set in the year 3000, but if you read the sourcebook (it's free and REALLY short. It tells the entire back-story of the Terrapyres and Celestials, includig short bios for the three starter deck Terrapyres and three Celestials. If you want to write a story, it's almost a must-read.) it says that it can be set at any time from the ascension of Christ (you don't have to be Christian to write, but they are after the holy grail.) to any time after. Historical, sci-fi, even fantasy will work.

If you like writing any kind of vampire/punk fiction, ethereal, mythological, or pretty much any kind of fiction, you should check it out

Submission call is here: http://www.windstormcreative.com/fandom/guidelines/mg3k.htm

and you can get the sourcebook (completely free) here: http://www.windstormcreative.com/fandom/mg3ksb.htm

Winners will get twenty (US) bucks, published in the anthology, and a copy of the book. The contest is, of course, completely free.

When submitting, be sure to write "Attention: 1880A4" if you're a teen or "Attention: 1380G5" if you're an adult on your envelope. It's a code the publishers are using to keep submissions out of the slush pile.

If anyone's interested, be sure to post/let me know, especially if you need help or don't understand something. Hope someone is interested!