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October 2nd, 2006, 09:47 PM
I'm nearly to he point of finishing this one. You can read the full story if you'd like at http://www.sffworld.com/community/story/1749p0.html

Below is newly written material.

Returning to the present, Amaya’s memories from the human life she so far had lived gave her further motive to act with the power that had just been returned to her. Vengeance for the sibling she once shared life with would only be the beginning of a long overdue punishment.

With an immediate thrashing of her wings, she leapt from the rooftop in search of the ones at the top of her list. She knew now how to find those she wanted, unlike before. Apollo looked on with a smile, knowing he had returned one of his comrades to her former state.

In the crowds of a popular nightclub in Leona, walked in an unfamiliar stranger. She walked through with a defined intent. With such ease the knowledge and stray memories came to her freely through every person brushed up against, every accidental touch, and every mind without walls. It wasn’t long before she absorbed all she needed.

The memories of what had happened to her sister came to her through others’ memories of hearing about the event by word of mouth or by talking to the very people who had seen them that night. Now, she could see all that had happened through her sibling’s eyes, and the faces of the two men responsible. Adam and Kane Shierra, the two sons of a diplomat, those that only got a slap on the wrist due to their heritage. It enraged her further, but at least now she could wield her anger the way she always meant to. As the right hand of divine karma, Amaya now intended with the honor of her lost family to serve eye for an eye to the tee.

It was in an alley she found one of them. Adam, the younger of the brothers, arrogant and spoiled from birth. He had participated as the other half of the duo in the memories that were her sister’s. A tall, clean cut blonde man with blue eyes stood alone smoking a cigarette, just outside the backdoor of an upscale restaurant. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a petite woman jumping down into the alley where he stood. She wore a smile on her face with an undertone that he couldn’t place. “What the hell are smiling about?” he snobbishly asked. The woman closed her eyes, still smiling, “Oh, I’m smiling at what I’m about to do to you…”

The light in his cigarette ignited rapidly, shooting a spark that set fire to the expensive suit he wore. Adam nervously patted out the flame, cursing her presence.
“Those things will kill you.” She smiled again.
“What the **** would you care?”
“I would care, because I want to be what kills you.” She pounced onto his chest, tearing off his already tattered suit jacket and the dress shirt underneath it. She then pinned him to the wall with a strength that betrayed her appearance.
“What the hell are you doing?” He yelled in fury of the violation.
“I’m taking back something valuable you took from me a year ago.”
“W-what are you-”
“I see you’ve forgotten your indiscretion.” She slammed him onto his back on the asphalt. She quickly knelt over him and whispered, “You and your brother took my sister, raped her, and threw her away like garbage. Others forgot about it… but I didn’t.”

Fear began to surge through the young man, as he recalled the night he and his brother had deviated in their behaviors, and gone too far. His ego tried to play it off.
“O-oh, that girl was your sis? She was acting like she wanted it-”
“She wanted you to keep going even after she told you to stop? Even after you hurt her inside? She wanted you to beat her to a pulp because she wouldn’t go along with?”
“N-no, I uh, I don’t know!”
“Just as well.” She pinned him tightly to the ground. “You royals abuse so many things. And considering you don’t value these very much, I’ll take them for myself.”
With bare hands and inhuman strength, Amaya tore open the young man’s chest. Adam screamed in agony as his ribcage was cracked apart. His screams ceased when his lungs were ripped from their chest cavity and held up tauntingly by the avenging angel.
Eyes glazed over with his mouth stuck open, his voice would never be heard again.

Amaya dropped the organs as she stood looking at her blood soaked arms in a detached mental state. She walked calmly out of the alley still mentally numb, but at least with a sense that half of this ordeal was finished. She checked warily of any passerby’s, and with the coast clear, she took flight with her raven wings once more.

Only one would be left to her taking now.

A lingering voice in the back of her mind was telling everything about this was wrong. She spent the last year telling herself that this is all she wanted, all she had left, and she couldn’t turn back now. With a much more complex destiny just having been revealed to her and now living it out, how could anything change it?

Apollo watched her wrath from afar, admiring the twisted and vengeful punishment she gave out. He needed to free the rage she had buried within so he and the other Fallen could fully awaken. She was the key. The ten angels never hated humanity. It was the corruption of justice they let fester out of individual greed they despised, and those who allowed it.

So, God cast them down to Earth to suffer as humans to understand and experience their conflicts, and told them this was the only way they could truly understand what they’d be losing by interfering. It had only furthered their determination.

Each of the Fallen would experience turmoil as humans, and this would ultimately awaken their true identities, and bring forth a final decision on the order of things.

Back in the streets of New Seras, James, a member of the Red Dragons, walked into the bar hangout of his and his extended family, concern written on his face. He ran a hand through his blood red hair, wiping the sweat from his head off. It had been very warm today, especially near the crater of Serena, where he often scavenged for viable materials. He often had to remain on guard incase he accidentally wandered into a hotspot still ripe with radiation, but that was why his gear never stayed home, it thankfully would warn him before he got to close.
As he walked into the bar, he was greeted by cold refreshing air and a few of his friends. He pulled up a barstool and ordered a beer.
“So, where’s that friend of yours? Amaya, right?” one of the younger men asked him.
“I haven’t seen her in a while. I don’t know where she is.”
“You look worried, James. Is something wrong?”
“I don’t know.” He answered solemnly.
“Well, you only have to ask if you need help finding her.”
James nodded his head, and finished off the drink.

He would have to visit her apartment to see if she was there, and then maybe her mother’s. At least that might put his mind at ease. He had this familiar feeling in his stomach, a nervous sensation that reminded him of the moments before Serena had been leveled. That was the day he’d lost his parents.

Above Indora’s narrow city streets, Amaya perched on alleyway scaffolding. Like a bird of prey, she eyed her final target with fierce intensity.

October 29th, 2006, 12:06 PM
I really like this story. Its very gripping and doesn't let go, even the end makes me want to read more. Only a couple minor errors were all I noticed.

October 29th, 2006, 02:05 PM
Thanx, couldn't have done it without the help I've gotten here! I have edited and written much more in recent weeks, so please feel free to go and read it over again. Thanx again:) ~Angela