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October 30th, 2006, 12:36 AM
Well, is anybody on here interested in Call of Duty 3? I am so excited for this game. Call of Duty 2 was what kept me interested in the 360 in the early months where nothing worth playing was being released. I wonder how it will turn out, it is being made by a different studio (Treyarch). The new combat system looks pretty cool, it will make the game a lot more intense. The multi-player also seems like a big improvement.

Destructible enviroments will be including basically anything that is a cover point, and vehicles play a bigger role this time around. Supposedly in multi-player you can run people down in vehicles :D The whole game takes place in France, UK gamer (or something like that) said the enviroment gets a bit repititive. They gave the game 9/10 though.

I can't wait to play as a Canadian troop! :D