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October 31st, 2006, 07:37 AM
I'm looking for readers for my recently completed WIP, Plague's Perfume.

When plague devastates Cadarray, librarian Sal is delighted to read about a potential cure - an ancient perfume from Tefellen. But then his king orders him to search for it personally, leaving his family behind in the meantime. What if his daughters or wife are ill or worse by the time he gets back?

Kaysel, the Empress of Tefellen, banned perfume from her land two years ago, after her family was assassinated with a magicked scent. She employs a team of searchers, their only aim to find illegal fragrance. She certainly won't take kindly to those who come looking for perfume...

It's an epic fantasy of around 100,000 words. It's been through a 'fix-it' revision, but not what I call the 'polish it' one yet. I don't want long extensive crits, so aside from the reading time this shouldn't be too difficult.

What I'm looking for:
I'm looking for people to read the manuscript, then come back with overall comments about the plot/pacing/chapters/characters (weaknesses and strengths). Though there may be typos/the odd grammar problem, I'm not looking for a nitty gritty crit at the moment. I want general feelings more than reams of comments about every page. Just a few sentences back to me would be lovely. Ideally you'd be able to skim it almost, then write thoughts down after that - there's no need to keep a running commentary of what you feel about it.

Please let me know your email address (here or pm) if you're interested. It will come in a single word document - let me know in the request if you'd prefer an rtf or text file. I'll send it out in the next couple of days.

Any takers? :)