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November 22nd, 2006, 06:44 AM
In my long journey through every single episode of Stargate on DVD (Yes, I missed them all on their original run) I've made it to the end of season 8 on DVD, and also the end of season 1 of Atlantis. Now, SG1 season 9 is available on DVD, but Atlantis is not yet. Apparently it'll come out in January. What with the way season 1 ended, I'm wondering if I can safely watch Stargate season 9 without spoiling Atlantis season 2.

So, can I?

(Please, no actual spoilers, that would just be mean)

November 28th, 2006, 11:22 PM
There are a few references, but here in Oz Season 9 of SG1 finished before Season 2 of Atlantis began and nothing was spoiled for me.

November 28th, 2006, 11:31 PM
Cool, thanks a ton. Helps me organize my Netflix queue! :)