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January 30th, 2007, 08:45 PM
Why do we have such a dearth of production when it comes to the greatest heroes of sci-fi making it onto film?

I've read quite a bit of Sci Fi by now. I'm 40, and, although I can't consider myself experienced in all of the great ones, I have read the Big 3 - Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein.

And I'm picky enough to have a favourite. I like Lazarus Long. Prior to being introduced to his character, I would have considered John Galt (Rand), John Clarke (Clancy), or perhaps even Jettero Heller (Hubbard) as an ideal hero figure. But Laz has got 'em all beat, hands down, in my book.

What are your favorite hero's?

But back to the topic.

Why don't we writers make a serious attempt at cleaning up financially due to the overwhelming market for converting such works as "Time Enough For Love" into blockbuster hits? Isn't anyone else salivating to see the little red-headed twin offspring of Laz onscreen?

I guess I'll do it if no one else will.

And why isn't dearth spelled dirth?

That one really gets me. Damn near had a spelling error...