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April 5th, 2007, 11:36 AM
ok, so this is prolly going to make me sound full of myself, but i'm really not, i swear...i hate boosting myself up...i'm just really excited about this idea that was put into my head and i'd really like some outside input from people who really dont know me...
hi, i'm missi...i'm in high school and i am absolutely obsessed with reading and literature and all that jazz... my literature teachers (i have two) and some of my friends and classmates who have read my essays and poems and short stories etc. have told me that i'm rather creative and should write a book. well, that idea completely stuck with me and now i'm absolutely obsessed with trying to write a book. my problem is, i've currently got a writer's block. i have no ideas. well, i have plenty of ideas, but they all sound too much like other books i've read...so if you'd pretty please like to help me and give me a topic that you think would make an intersting plot line i'd completely and utterly adore you for your help. any suggestions?

April 5th, 2007, 12:02 PM
just think about ur feelings and write them down! just express ur self!

April 5th, 2007, 12:04 PM
lol thanks jessica
but that's how i write poems, how i vent
i want to write something, that has a plot. something that has a purpose, other than just to get out my feelings...i want to write something that really matters to people other than just me...

April 5th, 2007, 12:27 PM
well maybe you should write a book of poems!

April 5th, 2007, 03:26 PM
i'd rather do something with an actual plot line first...lol
great, i have writers block and i'm already deciding to write more than just one book...lol

April 5th, 2007, 06:48 PM
Hello girls - I've moved this thread to the Writing section at SFFWorld where we discuss 'writing things'.

You may get more of a response here.

2 polite reminders, as you're both new here:

1) Please, no text speak!
2) We are a discussion Forum, not a chat Forum (Subtle, but to some an important difference.)

Please make sure posts are related to the topic (ie: in this case, writing) and not general chit chat. It saves us having to remove posts later.

Thank you!


April 5th, 2007, 07:10 PM
Hello and welcome!

It sounds to me like you're in need of some brain storming time. I can't really tell you how to do this. It's different for everyone. Usually my best ideas come to me when my mind is occupied with something else.

Thinking out loud... I have an idea:
This is a speculative fiction forum - so ideas generally come from asking the question "what if". What kinds of 'what ifs' pop into your mind frequently? By your choice of handle, I would guess you think about vampires from time to time. As a sub-question, you might also like to think about what you like to read, or watch, or what you enjoy learning about.

Once you answer that question, you can start thinking about a world where 'what if' becomes 'what is'. Work on it. Develop it. Get a picture of how the world would work if everything happened perfectly in it.

Then ask: "What can go wrong?" The worse, the better.

Follow that up quickly with: "When something does go wrong, who has the most to lose?" This is usually a good choice for a main character.

Writers vary considerably on the amount of planning they do before they start the finger tapdance. Personally I think it's a good idea to plan out your plotline at least a little - that way it keep you from getting too cliche.

Hope this helps.

James Carmack
April 5th, 2007, 09:39 PM
On the vampire thing, here's a thought that might get you started.

Imagine a world not unlike our own, only inhabited by vampires. Maybe the whole human race has been turned or maybe the vamps just keep the "stock" out of sight. However, there is one normal human thrown into the mix. He (or she if you like) has lived among the vampires since infancy, lives with a vampire family, goes to a vampire school, etc. Naturally, such a tasty morself walking around is an awful temptation (particularly if there are no more humans to feed on), but his blood is forbidden. He is being saved for some hidden purpose, and few dare to challenge the will of the Elders (or whatever ruling body/individual you choose). Few, but not all. The are rumors his blood is the key to reaching the next level and there are those who would do anything to claim it. Likewise, there are those who would defend our hapless hero(ine) at all costs. What can one ordinary human do while being tugged between such powerful forces? Will he survive long enough to meet his destiny... or is it something he would be better off not seeing at all?

One of the peculiarities of this story is the sheer ordinariness of the vampires and the society they've built. It is the human who is the strange and exotic. The one who'll stay awake long enough to see the sunrise, who must eat the drained meat of livestock (considered mere waste), who can barely jump a meter high, moves like a turtle, etc. On a thematic level, it could be a great exploration of what makes us human.

Dang... I actually like that idea quite a lot, but I'm going to be the bigger man and give it to you if you would like it. Hopefully that gets the ol' creative juices flowing a bit. ^_^

April 5th, 2007, 11:47 PM
Choppy makes some interesting pointers.

If I may, I would like to add my own thoughts on writer's block. My advice is simply this - don't give it a second thought. Seriously! Writing a book of any length is a major undertaking for the writer, because to write one takes time -at least several weeks.

Ok, so you wake up one morning with a fantastic idea for a story, along with this overwhelming urge to write a book about it. You may even think it will make the best-seller list. Great! Someone's got to do it, so why not you? This phenomenon is known as inspiration. Don't worry, it will soon pass. Then what? You wake up the next morning (or maybe the one after) and you don't feel so inspired. You read the few pages you have already written, and now, it just looks like a pile of rubbish, not worth the paper it was written on... (Sorry, I was referring to the old days there where everything was hand-typed on a typewriter. :rolleyes:) That's when the writer's block kicks in. All it means is that you're not inspired to write anymore. I have this happen all the time unless I have a detailed plot-line already worked out, along with notes and references on my world, characters, etc.

However, as Choppy has already pointed out, that's why you write the plot first, before diving in at Page 1 of your book. During those times when your brain has turned to mush, just refer to your plot-line. It will tell you what you are supposed to be doing next.

James Carmack
April 6th, 2007, 02:31 AM
Ideas are a dime a dozen. Stringin' 'em together in a coherent narrative worth reading, that's where we earn our keep. The degree of post-production you do varies by individual. Some people can get by on a bare-bones outline or less, others write more background and peripheral material than actual story. (Guilty on the second count. ^_^; )

If there's a particular point you're stuck on, feel free to ask. It's one of the things we do, help each other to build up good karma in the hope that we can cash it in later for a book deal. ^o^

When I get stuck (and if I'm not working under a deadline), I just set down what I'm working on and fiddle with something else until the next step comes to me. You can rarely force it, so just find a way to relax, kill some time (preferrably in a constructive fashion, but sometimes you just gotta veg out). You'll eventually develop your own ideal method for dealing with the problem, though. All part of the art and craft of writing.