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April 5th, 2007, 11:51 AM
Tragedy, abuse, heartache and strife
Have been constant companions for most of my life,
If there was real happiness, then I never knew
Until I opened my eyes - and then there was you.

My days were all filled with confusion and dread
I fought and I struggled with the demons in my head,
I longed for a lover to share in all that I'd do
One day I opened my eyes - and then there was you.
I cried and I pleaded with the sweet Lord above
To bless me just once and introduce me to love.
I prayed for an Angel and for all my dreams to come true
I opened my eyes - and then there was you

I had waited and ached for some strong loving arms
And someone to ease my pain and help me feel calm,
For these blessings I wondered what I had to do
I just opened my eyes - and then there was you.

I had never believed in those fairytale things
Hearts and flowers and Valentines and Cherubs with wings,
If there was true romance then I never knew
Until I opened my eyes - and then there was you.

Somehow my life changed and it spun me around
I was given a chance to enjoy the love that I found,
I finally felt happy and had pure love sweet and true
And all this is mine - cause now there is you.

April 5th, 2007, 12:00 PM
thats gorgeous writing, i really like your style
here's one of my better venting days...

in the cold
the darkness
the night
i feel alone
in the heat
the blazing sunlight
the day
it is so much worse
people surround me
yet i am alone
no one knows
no one sees
no one cares
i see the day
and the night
i see the wrong
and the right
and no one cares
i dont care
the heat and the icy cold
are merging together
joining forces to destroy me
freezing me
burning me
tearing me apart
and i am alone
hopelessly, helplessly alone
only me
just me
is anyone out there
watching the attack
laughing at my pain
feeling my hurt
enduring it
embracing it
enjoying it
i need someone
help me
aid me
save me
the world is dying
i am dying
and no one knows
no one sees
no one hears
no one cares
we're attacking ourselves
and all that matters
is death
and life
and you
just go
leave me
you never cared
i loved you
and you took me for granted
teased my heart
made fun of me
and i laughed along
never showing how much i hurt
how much i needed you
how much i cared
i needed you
i loved you
i was attacked
no one cared
you werent there

April 5th, 2007, 12:09 PM
why that's good! here's another one:

You laugh and tease her all through the day
Act like she's beneath you, simply in your way
Never thought of the pain you could ever cause
Only did all this to cover up your own flaws
You hurt her and called her every possible name
For your own enjoyment, you loved this game

Did you ever stop to think of what you've done
All because she was different and her own person
She didn't follow the trends; She didn't care
So you immediately hate her; Tell me that's fair
You didn't know this girl; No one single detail
But wasn't it obvious, that she was already frail

This frail girl grew up in a broken home all along
Use to being deprived, with nowhere to belong
Parents hate her; Can't stand to see her face
Having to rely on self harm to find her place
Born into this world, without a shine of hope
And having no one there when she tried to cope

You literally drove this poor girl into the ground
Treated her worthless; Pushed her all around
She grew up hurt, empty, and completely hollow
And her only response was her screams echo
She was on the brink, thanks to all of you
And she's finally given up; She's finally through

April 5th, 2007, 12:13 PM
i love that one
i can completley relate

here's an older one...sort of....

the depth of the pain in my soul
is becoming too much to bear
the unshed tears
are burning me
threatening to explode
my excitement is building
anticipation screaming from inside
the hurt is too much
the pain, too real
i need to break free
free of my burdens
the scars are cut deep
too deep the bleed
death is approaching
i feel its icy stare
it is coming to get me
i must escape its clutches

April 5th, 2007, 12:20 PM
that's really good! maybe you should right a book of poems! here's another one:

When I needed you
You turned away
Words you spoke untrue
Said you'd always stay

My heart is aching
My head it hurts
How can ones you love
Treat you like dirt

I gave you everything
I had to give
Taking it with you
I find it hard to live

How can ones I love
Whom I've given my all
Make me hurt and suffer
Stand watching me fall

Think I've had enough
Watching me fight to live
Struggling just to make it
I'm always the one to give

Staring you walk away
Taking pieces of my heart
Not much left to share
It's cracked and broken apart

April 7th, 2007, 12:21 PM
Hi there,

I think this better fits into the Writing forum than the General Fiction forum so I moved it. Now the mods responsible here can deal with it as they see fit. ;)


April 7th, 2007, 04:00 PM
listen to her when she talks
dont put on a mas
she wants you to know
about her life
about her thoughts and feelings
she wants you to care
dont put her through more
more than she's already feeling
if you cant seem to listen
you just have to let her go

never leave her side
keep her in your arms
when shes falling down
catch her early on
hold her tight
kill her fright
help her cope
make the voices leave
bring pease

rescue her
from her troubles
let her cry
in your arms
let her sleep
by your side
hold her close
keep her in your arms
until she melts
away in the flood
of her falling tears

will you let the rain fall aound her
killing her, destroying her?
or will you be there
holding the umbrella
trying to keep her dry?
what will you do
as she melts in the rain?

April 7th, 2007, 11:28 PM
Poetry is rarely a style in which I express myself.
However, you ladies have motivated/inspired me to do so.

I have come to terms.
With wiggly worms and silly dude perms.
But language cuts my soul
I only have one, it's my bowl.
For thought, idea and impression
stave off regression.

It's a two-way street.
My gray matter meat
tries to share what it's been cooking.
But you have a different way of looking.
My blue, your green.
Your funny, my obscene.

Worse still
it when your will
tries to manipulate with the bowl
but I listen, I glimpse your soul.
Perhaps you believe
your own tricks up your sleeve.
now you are in the bowl
your fiction is now your whole

I see it everywhere
reality paper tear
worlds apart
but close enough to hear your heart
as it beats hard and true
I almost reached you.

Mr. Jims

April 8th, 2007, 05:18 PM
hmm i like that one mr. jims =]
i'm glad we could inspire you
poetry is a great way to let it all out

my heart has been used and broken
the tears shed have mended the tears
the rips and cuts have been stitched
the red luster of color
has turned gray and ashen
the glimmer of hope
hidden beneath the cobwebs
i no longer pine for adoration
my hopes and dreams demolished
my plans have changed
my future rearranged
my mask is uncanny
none can see what lies in my soul
none but my sister
the one i call sister
who's loss, and love, and heartache
is a gray ashen mass
cobwebs and scars
covering her heart
her heart just as mine
she is all i have
my love
my sister
my friend
my hope of life, 'till the end

April 8th, 2007, 06:42 PM
Down inside,
i feels so hurt,
i got beat around,
and then treated like dirt,

i wish i wasn't alive,
i wish i was dead,
i want someone 2 come put a slit in my neck!

slow suicide or murder,
both just the same,
slow and painful with lots of pain,
that how i lived,
in lots of fear,
so much sorrow,
and drowned in tears!

now if someone would show,
they really do care,
i'd be more happy,
and no more tears!

this is just a ruft draft that i wrote 2 months ago! don't think it's that good tho!