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May 25th, 2007, 05:04 AM
Last night, while boozing it up with my crew, I stumbled upon a fun little activity. Basically, my buddies provided me with a location and a scenario and asked me to come up with 50 to 100 words about the topic on hand. I thought I'd bring it to you all. I had a blast with the topics they gave me, and hope that you all can have as much fun with it. I'll give you one of the examples I came up with last night and provide you all with a scenario and a location. After you've done one, please provide a new scenario and location. have fun!

Place: China
Scenario: Someone is accused of cheating

“You accusing me of cheating?”
“Nope. Not brave enough for that. I’m just saying you’re making things pretty well known. In this game, that’s a dangerous thing.”
“And what army have you got behind you, you slant-eyed devil?” The lao-wei leaned over the table, squinting an eye at the wanderer. When you owned a town, there was no such thing as corruption.

Next, Scenario: A woman runs out of the house crying. Place: 1970's Pimps and Ho's.