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June 6th, 2007, 11:02 AM
hey there, i'm wondering if anyone can help me to find out the title of a particular sci fi book. I read it years ago, but i don't remember the title or author... any help would be great, its an itch in my brain!! okay, so this is what i do remember about the book...i'd guess it was 60's or 70's...there was more than one character story going on, there was Atlanteans, people with blue skin, people from mars, one character was a beautiful lady who had a son who was ugly, evil and super-psychic which he keeps a secret from most people..his mother ends up poisoning him and he dies imagining he's covered in spider-like things (his greatest fear) A very beautiful woman, also very psychic, with silver hair, builds a tower of metal, which she seals herself and a small crew in, to keep an eye on the future ie being in stasis and waking up every so many years ... most people think the tower is a monument, not knowing she's in there, but ugly, evil son guy checks out the tower (which has been there for a very long time by that stage), recognises there's someone in there, but she mentally zaps him as warning to shut up...i remember the book ends with a human guy in a small space craft on his way to see a princess with blue skin and black hair on another planet, Mars maybe ... Thats about all i can think of, a bit of a jumble i know!! Does any of this sound at all familiar to anyone??:confused: