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Bob Lock
August 7th, 2007, 10:02 AM
In a writing world where getting published seems to be harder to do than finding the proverbial 'hen's teeth' I thought I'd pass on this fantastic piece of news to you all as an example of how, with determination, luck and of course, talent, it is still possible to get your work into print and get paid a hefty some of money for it too!
Not so long ago the SF author, Neal Asher, put me onto a new writer's site called Youwriteon.com (http://www.youwriteon.com/) (Art's Council Sponsored), it looked promising and I joined, uploaded some of my stuff and had, on the whole, very promising critiques and reviews. In my case it finally led to my Dark/Fantasy/SF story 'Flames of Herakleitos' (mentioned on the news by Hobbit here (http://www.sffworld.com/news/327.html)) being published by a Small-Press publisher named Screamingdreams (http://www.screamingdreams.com/).
However, for a real Fairy Tale Ending follow this http://www.youwriteon.com/news/story.aspx?guid=bc6b2aaf-0e88-4860-b611-d52889291dfa to Youwriteon and see how another member of the site has faired. Doug Jackson has just secured a two book deal through Youwriteon with Transworld Books for a six figure sum. This has all stemmed from him uploading the first 10,000 words of his novel 'The Emperor's Elephant' winning the book of the month with it and having a professional critique done by Sarah O'Keefe who is senior editor of Orion. The book was then developed further and finally was bid upon by major publishing companies. The site is a great sounding board for your work, it not only has our type of genre stories, SF/Fantasy/Horror etc but also embraces all other types of work. To get reviewed all you have to do is read and review other people's offerings, you comment and award points for the story. You gain a point for your own work to be read then. The leading 5 stories of the month get a professional critique and who knows where that could lead?
I've been a member of similar sites but this is the only one which doesn't ask for payment, contributions etc etc, it is free. I've noticed on other sites similar to this questions have been raised as to its credibility, I think this excellent news proves that it works. So, if you've given up, had enough subs sent back to paper a room (like me :)) then take a deep breath and carry on, sometimes fairytale endings do happen, just thought I'd tell you all about this one.

August 7th, 2007, 03:16 PM
Cool! I like to hear about success stories like that.

Wilde Silas
August 8th, 2007, 05:09 PM
That site is really cool. I just registered and have a few excerpts to review in my que already. Once I've reviewed five (I think), I can submit some of my own stuff. Very workable, and the reviews I've read actually have some substance. The submissions I've skimmed so far range from mediocre to professional. Thanks for the links!