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September 27th, 2007, 12:11 AM
Please be short. Please be concise. I'd prefer that this story follow the whims of the many rather than the domination of a few.

"Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets." --some guy (paul tournier? I guess he was lonely)

June was named after a season. Not summer, though. Fall. That is, her mother was thinking of fall, of autumn leaves and chill air, when she spoke. Except when she spoke it came out "June." That thought, that inner thought belonging to her mother, is June's earliest memory.

The year is 2007 and June stands on a paved path between a twisting, four lane drive and a river. On nights and weekends the path is full of bicycles and rollerbladers and hikers and baby strollers. During the weekday there are far less people, and June finds her self on that path often. She needs to be near people. Not too close though. When she gets close she feels the images, the feelings, straight out of their heads. June can shut it out, of course. If she couldnt she would have never made it through high school. Still, it takes effort, and June is tired of it. She lets her guard down often, and experiences what is going on in other people's heads. Some people have disgusting thoughts. Others are annoying.

Today, though, someone passes by June thinking about something completely incomprehensible to her. She turns around and looks. He is a few years older than her, maybe, 24. He is wearing jeans and a button up shirt and has a backpack slung over his shoulder. He walks without purpose, staring blankly in front of him. June concludes that he is coming home from work.

June begins following him. It is a game she plays with her self when in public: she follows someone until she can figure out their name. It is surprisingly hard to discover a persons name just by eavesdropping on their thoughts--it doesnt come up a lot.

September 27th, 2007, 12:18 AM
June follows the boy for a while, seeing strange things in his mind. Indefinate shapes that swirl around and link together, sometimes on flath sheets of paper, sometimes twisting around in midair. It reminds June of a person thinking about legos. At the same time it reminds her of a person thinking about math. They are halfway between the spot where June noticed the boy, and the destination in the boys head, when June figures it out. He's a programmer. It seems a rather anticlimactic occupation after all that mystery, but he was interesting for a while so she keeps following him.

Mistress Maerad
April 4th, 2008, 05:51 PM
She follows swiftly and silently, and the man walks through a dark forest on the continuing bike paths as children call taunts back and forth from the nearby neighborhood, and cars whistle by on Highway 203.
"Why are you here?"
June stops dead. He...he wasn't supposed to be able to.....to.......
It is deathly quiet in the forest. She hears the river rushing by softly, bubbling and laughing it's way through the town. But she can barely hear it over the thoughts in her head; thoughts of the words he had said......why are you here?
She shudders and looks up. He has stopped, but still hasn't turned around. He is quiet, too.
"I..." she begins.
"You?" he says softly.
"I was following......"
"No," he says in a voice like velvet. "Why are you here, in my mind?"

April 4th, 2008, 06:50 PM
"I'm not...I'm not in...I can just here you," said June.

"Bullshit. You're trying to find out my name."

June felt a sudden disorientation. At once hundreds of memories rushed to the surface: life events, relationships, personal thoughts. Each one became the focus of her mind for an instant before being tossed away, like someone sorting through a pile of photographs. Then it stopped abruptly.

"What did you just do to me?" asked June. Her legs felt week. She felt her forehead.

"Checking you out. The same thing you did to me, June, just quicker." The boy turned around. Upon seeing her, waves of shock, excitement and anguish spilled out of his mind. Then he shook his head and the emotions were gone. June couldn't hear anything from him.

April 4th, 2008, 10:10 PM
When June’s legs finally shacked no more, she decided she was pass due to go back home. Trusting her feet to find their way to her apartment, she let herself take in what had just happened. How was it even possible? For years, she had tried to gather information about her… condition with very little success. All that frustration to finally fall upon him… while taking her daily walk! Alright, she had to stalk him, but still…

One thought kept echoing in her troubled mind: she was not alone with her secret anymore. She was thrilled. The way he had sneaked into her mind was simply mind-blowing, quite literally. She laughed. Then she froze. What if she were to never see him again? She started to breath again. No. His mind had shown her that he worked nearby. He probably used the same path every day. She was bonded to cross him again.

April 5th, 2008, 05:58 AM
When her spinning mind eventually allowed her to fall to sleep late into the night, she was troubled by the possibly inevitable dreams, but rather than the excited, determined thoughts that had filled the previous waking hours she was now beset by a nightmarish slant upon the event that had occured.
This time she felt the invasion of his mind into hers and realised that there was nothing she could do to escape it, that he had allowed her to go, but that there was an invisible thread that now linked them inexorably and that this thread, although it could be stretched over incredible distance, would never break. That this had changed her forever more, as if she had experienced a secondary loss of virginity. And that it would be with her always.
In her dream she faced him again, felt his thoughts (but only those she was allowed to feel) and was helpless as his mind probed deeper into hers. Fear encompassed her, reached into the pit of her stomach and caused her legs to pump into desperate action. Must run, must get away.
She awoke amidst sheets sodden with sweat, her legs still thrashing. She breathed deeply, then glanced at the alarm clock. Morning was virtually here.
What was she do do? Would the daylight hours give her back the bravery to seek him out and confront what lay between them, what now linked them and could not seemingly be broken?
She dressed hurriedly, not wishing to dwell upon the matter in fear of evoking a waking nightmare. She had to act.

April 5th, 2008, 11:52 AM
June drifted from one end to the other of the path where she met the boy. All day she searched, not even stopping to eat. Near sundown June collapsed onto a bench, still searching every face, listening to every mind for a sign of him. He had red hair, she knew, but couldn't remember much else about his face. The way he walked...she could recognize that.

There were a lot of people on the path that day, more than usual. June saw the joggers, the cyclists, even couples with strollers. Then she realized, it was Saturday. She wouldn't see him for another two days, and that made her feel more alone than usual.

Tired and hungry, June began to make her way home again.

Mistress Maerad
April 5th, 2008, 02:46 PM
She stopped at the grocery store on the way home to buy some of the canned produce that didn't make her gag. There was never anything else to eat in her little, desperate town. She wondered, as she always did when shopping, about leaving. What would happen if she would ever leave this town, leave this place that was her home. Her thoughts laughed at each other, one side arguing for freedom, the other purging on thoughts of lazy days at home....forever. But she knew she never would leave. That side always won. It was forbidden anyway, so why even try?
But as she thought this, a terrible pain overcame her, and she sank to her knees outside the Ham and Other Meats section. She leaned on a counter for support, and was thankful that not many people were around to see this.
What's happening?
More than you'll ever know, June...
What? Who...who are you? What are you doing? Why....
Not all questions can be answered June. Surely you, more than anyone else, know that.
The pain was more intense, making June gasp under the pressure.
Fool! Did you not pay attention to what I just said?!?
No excuses. June, I expect better of you.
She took a deep breath. Okay, what do you want?
Meet me on Monday, at the path. Then you'll find out.
And then the pain was gone, and June shakily stood. This was getting wierder every second.

April 5th, 2008, 03:52 PM
Sunday was a normal day. Well, a normal day for her anyway. She picked up on the regular thoughts of the regular people whose paths crossed her own. Worries of money, of being late, the occasional excited anticipation of meeting a loved one which gave a certain warmth to her own soul.
There was no cold intrusion into her mind, no feeling of being watched or sensed by him. Perhaps he had decided to leave her alone, perhaps nothing would happen if she failed to make her 'appointment'.
Stop kidding yourself, she thought, as if you wouldn't go!.

Sleep evaded her that night.

April 5th, 2008, 05:44 PM
Dreams floated by occasionally; June was too exhausted to block them out. She huddled in a corner of her bed as the sun rose, watching it with red eyes.

Then her neighbor stirred. Her old, creepy neighbor. He was fantasizing about her again. June doubled over with wave of nausea, falling to the floor. She clutched her shirt, but no matter how hard she held it she still felt it sliding off of her. While, in reality, she was fully clothed, she soon felt completely naked. She could feel his hands on her. She couldn't block it out this time. She was dizzy.

She crawled to her desk pulling her drawer out, dumping its contents onto the floor. A snow globe fell onto the carpet and rolled, the Eiffel tower inside spinning through an instant blizzard. June barely noticed. She was looking for a cd. There was only one cd that could help her. She had to find that cd. Then the cd player. Then her headphones. Where were her headphones?

Next to her bed. She crawled to it, but now she felt more than his hands. Vomit rose to her throat. She swallowed. She jammed the cd into the player and fumbled with headphone jack. She heard drums. It was the wrong song. She needed track two. Her body was starting to respond to the images in her head. Shame and disgust filled her. Track two. Max volume.

Vocals echoed in her head. Then a guitar riff. Drums. Bass. Then a haunting voice:

Give me
Give me
I am
witness me

The mental assault subsided. Everything external to her was lost, except the music. She slept, still aware of the music.

In this white wave
I am sinking
in this silence
In this white wave
in this silence
I believe

It was a brief rest. The cd player stopped and she opened her eyes. The boy with orange hair was sitting in front of her.

"You missed our meeting," he said.

"I'm sorry-"

"Don't be," he interrupted her. "I wasn't invited."

"What? What are you talking about?" asked June. In the back of her mind she could sense her neighbor was still fantasizing about her, but nothing else reached her. It was as if there was a wall between his mind and hers. Not that she was thinking about it that much anyway. The boy in front of her was too puzzling.

"I'm Adam." He extended his hand. June shook it, and he helped her onto the bed, sitting beside her. "Let me guess," he continued, "Some scary voices yelled at you, and then some headaches, and now you can't sleep?"

"Yeah. It's like someone taped my eyes open, but its not my eyes its my brain. I'm too tired to stop the images. Its too exhausting."

"Oooh...good description. I like that. Listen I can help you sleep, but you gotta learn to close your mind. You're like wide open out there."

June began to form a question but as she did so Adam touched her shoulder, and she lost consciousness.