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January 20th, 2008, 09:44 AM
I am trying to remember the name of a story I read as a child (1980?). It may have been juvenile science fiction and may have been a short story. It involved a group of researchers who had discovered an alternate dimension into which they could send objects, which would then be transformed. A cloth with an overhand knot in it might turn into a bicycle, while a copper cable with three nuts would turn into a hamburger bun (or whatever). The only thing that didn't transform was horses, which might grow bigger or smaller, or grow wings, but would pretty much stay the same. The scientists were using the alternate dimension as a kind of manufacturing tool, trying to find the combination of objects that when put through the portal would come back as a ray gun, for example. The main character (a child?) is forced to enter the portal himself, and the story involves what happens to him on the other side.

Do you know it, or can you suggest another possible source for an answer?