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Chief Dash
January 27th, 2008, 05:03 AM
First of all guys just wanted to say hi. New around here, and happy to be here.

Guys, I've got a problem. I don't come seeking sexual advice, but I am having issues. ;)

Basically I've just gotten into the whole comic book scene. I started with Batman Year One, went one to read Dark Halloween and then Dark Victory. They were great, but where do I go from there? I loved the continuing storyline. What book would be considered 'next'?

I'm having the same issue with Superman. Started with Superman for all Seasons. Loved it to bits. But what now?!

With X-Men I'm just going through the Essential X-Men series, starting at Volume 1. Havn't started yet, but would I be right to start there and just continue on?

Spiderman I'm reading the Ultimate Spiderman series, again starting at volume 1. Considering there are so many comics in the ultimate series, I'm pretty confident there.

So basically, I'm looking for as many answers ad I can get obviously. I have scoured the net for info but it quickly becomes frustrating. Nobody has compiled a sort of guide for comics to tell you where to go next? And thats what brings me here..

A continuation guide or any advice would be greatly appreciated. If so, you may have found yourselves a great new member. ;)

Apologies for the long 1st post.

January 28th, 2008, 05:59 PM
Wow, welcome and what a task.

This is what you're looking for as regards Batman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Batman_comics#Modern_Batman

You'll notice the list starts with Year One as that was essentially the reboot for the character. Obviously it's a large list so I'd suggest definitely reading the following:

Death in the Family
No Man's Land
Officer Down -> Bruce Wayne Fugitive
War Drums -> War Games
Face the Face (One Year Later)
Batman and Son, and eventually
The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul the most recent storyline

This then should catch you up on the major storylines of Batman over the last 15 or so years. You can pick and choose what else you fancy as you want. I don't know a lot about Superman and don't have the time now, but in the next few days I'll go have a look for you. Remember wikipedia is your friend :D