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April 11th, 2008, 01:20 AM
Wildflower's long copper hair flew untamed and unrestricted as she ran through the trees, her porcelain skin shimmering momentarily as she passed under a stray beam of sunlight. The young girl giggled, her emerald green eyes alight with exhilaration and anticipation. She paused and glanced over her shoulder, watching as the limping figure behind her approached.

"Desante, you're to slow," she called back to her friend. "Come on, come on! You'll miss them!"

"On the... contrary, Wildflower," replied Desante, panting heavily. "You're... to fast! Where do you get all that.... energy?"

"Come on, silly!" Wildflower urged. "Why are you breathing like that? I didn't know the dead breathed."

"I thought... we already... established... I am not... dead," he gasped, coming to a halt at the centre of a small clearing. "Remember? I am but a humble... boy, caught in limbo. Neither alive, nor dead. Unwelcome in both this world and the next. I am undead."

The boy fell to his knees, gasping desperately for breath. His skin was the colour of blueberries and his eyes were a milky white. His dark hair, once a thick chaotic mess of vibrant curls, now clung thin and limp against his skull.

Wildflower sighed and shook her head, her brilliant waves of copper hair dancing playfully about her face. She ambled toward Desante with swift and sure-footed ease.

As Wildflower bent down to help Desante to his feet...

April 23rd, 2008, 04:14 PM
...there came upon the crisp spring air the slowly gathering sounds of flute and horn, entwining together in a joyous union. Wildflower had half lifted Desante to a sitting position, but now allowed him to sag back to the ground as a squeal of delight escaped from her lips. "They are here!" she gushed, "Desante, quickly now, we must not miss them. It has been so long."

Desante shrugged his dishevelled shoulders. "I've seen it before, go on," he usherred, "I'll catch up."
Wildflower portrayed an image of mock dismay, a visage of horror. "I will not hear such! You must come now, I demand it!", she stamped petulantly.

Desante frowned but gathered what little strength remained within his poor semi-decayed bones and with not unconsiderable effort lurched himself to his numb feet. Wildflower took him by the arm and hurried him into a momentum that would carry them to the crest of the grassy knoll from where the parade could be viewed.

"At last," she sang to herself,"they're here, they're here!"
The music grew upon the air as drums and flugles joined harmoniously. And then the voices.....

Mistress Maerad
April 23rd, 2008, 08:01 PM
.....began, slowly and tremulously at first, then gathering strength and beauty as the singers gathered their own confidence.

Wildflower closed her eyes as she listened to the melodies. The high voices; beautiful trebles rose to notes almost unimaginable in every mind, while baritones went lower and lower, into dfepths like the very evil within one's own heart.

She opened her eyes for a moment, (squinting in surprise at the vibrant sunlight that momentarily blinded her) only to look At Desante. Despite his protests, she realized he was just as enchanted as she. His dull grey eyes, usually so....dead, were alight with a tiny sprakle she ahdn't seen in years.

She looked back at the parade, where the singers and players were walking past. Or rather, dancing past. The women in their long, spring-colored skirts simply added to the beauty of their voices. They were like flowers being blown on the wind, to places Wildflower only dreamed of...places Desante might have been.

"Desante," she whispered, afraid of breaking the musical magic before them, "what happened to you....you know, before you...died?"

April 24th, 2008, 06:58 PM
"Oh, Wildflower," he sighed, his breath rattling from him, "if only you could grasp the concept. And if only I had died, or if....." he trailed off.

"The Translation?" she questioned, momentarily forgetful of the sounds around her and the marvels that lay before her gaze, "Oh, I'm so sorry," she clutched his hand, "I have forced you all this way only to put before you that which you could not be." Tears fell onto her healthy pink cheeks.

He fastened onto her emerald eyes. "It does not effect me like that Wildflower," he stated, "I have no soul, barely any feeling of any sort. Even to try and imagine my life as it once was is like trying to make out a hazy figure at the end of a long dark tunnel. I know that you cannot comprehend what I am telling you, but I have no connection to my former existence, my life, and nor do I aspire to what that person could have become." He looked once more towards the willow-like figures weaving their way through the valley below."

"Ethers," she whispered, "I'm sorry anyway, whether you care for it or not," and she sank to the ground, dismayed at her own carefree abandon, and most of all that she had made Desante a party to this..this indulgence, when he had lost his life. No! Lost two lives, both the one he had owned and the one he had aspired to." She began to sob.

"They are pretty," he said, "and I thank you for bringing me."

"You're only saying that," she choked out, "I know that you are."

"I'm not actually," he said and made his best effort to laugh, although it was an ability that had apparently disappeared along with his mortal soul, "I am glad to have seen the Ethereal again, it has been a long time, and I truly hold no remorse, as I said, I am not capable of it."

"Then what is the point!" Wildflower screamed, hating herself now. She stared at him a moment longer and then turned and fled down the hill that they had surmounted together, the magical sounds and sights of the Ethers now vanished from her mind.

"But I'm afraid that's just it, my dear one," Desante whispered as his gaze followed her swift departure, "there is no point for me, none whatsoever." He looked back down into the valley below, just in time to see the final wraith-like figure wink out of existence.

(ooc) don't know where you go from here. Best of luck!

May 14th, 2008, 03:09 AM
Wildflower ran, her heart pounding, tears ever threatening to fall in streams down her rosy cheeks. The slope began to flatten out and trees sprouted in small clusters, the grass was wild and green and the sky a clear cerulean.

Her swift feet brought her to a fast flowing stream, it's water, so crystal clear, was bordered by small boulders. Wildflower moved with nimble ease across the rocks to the edge of the brook, crouching low she dipped her fingers into it's icy waters. Shivering slightly, she watched the rivulet take it's course, flowing swiftly towards the Valendian Sea.

A flash of silver drew Wildflower's eye to a point just downstream. Curious, she ambled delicately toward it, her feet slipping every now and then on the moss which grew wildly at the waters edge. She peered into the water, searching for a silver glint. There it was, in the middle of the stream.

Wildflower removed her shoes and hitched up her knickers, she shivered violently as the icy water splashed around her ankles. Her feet were numb within seconds and her lips turned a deathly blue, but her curiosity held her fast and she strode onward.

The water splashed around her knees as she bent over and reached into it's depths. Her finger's wrapped around something smooth and round.
Wildflower pried it loose from it's place between the rocks and made her way back to the edge of the stream.

ooc: Sorry, I think I've got writer's block. I can't think of anything else to write.
I was going to write that the thing she had found was like a little round jewelery box. And when she opens it out pops a water sprite which decides to be Wildflowers friend. The sprite asks what's wrong with Wildflower, she tells, the sprite says it knows someone who could help bring Desante back to life, or help him move on to the next. Something to that effect anyhooz but ima little distracted at the moment.
Good luck!

May 14th, 2008, 06:52 PM
She fell, shivering with cold, upon the shingle beach beside the stream, the object clutched to her breast. It was only now that she wondered how she would explain her current state upon her return to Kircaldy. Fell into the stream by accident? How lame!

Anyhow, she would cross that bridge when she came to it. Her initial desire was to discover the nature of this relic that she had rescued from it's watery grave. She uncurled her palely numb fingers in order to investigate the silvery item, but it slipped from her feeble hands and fell to lie on it's side amidst the shingle and pebbles. She breathed upon her fingers in an effort to reinvigorate them, whilst examining the object that lay beside her.

Wildflower had already established it's metallic nature, now she concentrated her attention upon the intricate design that interwove itself around it's spherical body. A pattern of delicate leaves and petals with what appeared to be glimmering jewels or stars peeking though intermittently.

When some warmth had returned to her fingertips and her teeth had ceased their chattering, she reached for the trinket once more and this time was surprised to find that it was actually warm to the touch. Maybe simply the rapid effect of the sunshine upon it's surface, heating it?

The item, whilst spherical, had a base upon which it could rest, and also appeard to have a top in the form of a lid with a tiny pearl-like bead that perhaps could serve as a knob, but at present, with the slight force that Wildflower was able to exert, the lid would not relinquish it's hold. Around the base were the silhouettes of tiny creatures that appeared to be mostly mythical in their nature, unicorns and ur-beasts and some forms that were partly human.

Perhaps, she thought, this would suffice as a gift to Desante, as some kind of recompense for her unspeakable behaviour towards him, but instantly, she remembered, he no longer appeared to take pleasure in the ownership of physical items, simply existing from day to day without the need for belongings or the small treasures the likes of which entranced her so.

At least, though, it could be a point of discussion between them. He was the only one that she would confide in anyway.

She shivered and, looking up, realised that the day would soon be drawing to a close. She gathered her skirts around her and with some resolve, set forward in the direction of the only home she had ever known.

Mistress Maerad
August 15th, 2008, 07:55 PM
It was lonely, her home, a simple place where she lived alone, her only regular guests being Desante, and the forest wildlife who accidentally stumbled into her home.

But she loved the crumbling little cottage all the same, the little bit of rosmary and mint that grey outside giving it a unique flavor, the sunlight that would slant through the ashen cracks coloring the dirt floor in a warm, rich haze of yellow. She delighted in the birds which would alight on her window, twittering amongst themselves as they sang and laughed together. Her heart flew in the mornings, collapsed in the evenings, and went on forever in the face of the little home that she loved.

So it was a welcome relief when she stepped inside, surveying her moth-eaten furniture with indifferent eyes. It was her one solid ground in the face of all that had occured today, something she truly didn't fully understand herself. Clutching the trinket close to her heart, she waited for the twilight hours in which Desante would always show up.

She hoped he would. They had much to speak of...