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May 21st, 2008, 12:47 PM
So i have two books that i've been looking for for a long time, the first one i read probably about 15 - 20 years ago. it was one of those dystopian future books, it might be YA reading but i'm not sure. the major points that i can remember is that the hero of the book was a member of the underclass, very downtrodden. pinball (or pachinko type game) is very involved. i believe that the hero has a job that relies very heavily on repetitive motions and one day he discovers a pinball game and finds out that he's very good at it because of how he was trained for his job or something like that. that's about all i can remember of that plot.

the second book should be a lot easier to find with the likes of you well read folks. its sci-fi set in the far future. the story revolves around a group of female space marines who group name is either Angels or has something to do with angles. they fight in small personal mech suits which is where i believe they get the name from. the only part i definitivly remember about the book was their ship was either being boarded or they were being boarded by someone else. i'm leaning more towards they were being boarded and had to fight off the attackers.

i hope yall can help me. thanks for your time.