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June 6th, 2008, 07:25 PM
My apologies for any rules I might break by posting this here but I do hope someone here can at least help me find this book I once read but cant recall the name of.

Things I can recall:
Its basically about an expedition (sponsored by the military and/or government) in search of many space colonies that left/escaped earth space during a time of troubles (possibly a war).

Theres a down on his luck university professor and his assistant that are apart of this expedition (the group includes a couple others but I cant recall much about em)

They find several colonies as the book progresses among them being a colony that regressed into primitive life (where the professor had an encounter that I wont go into detail about being as theres likely rules about such things being posted here with a very attractive woman) where they wore no clothing and couldn't remember that they were on a ship (I think) and happened to be at war with another group in the station (even had a ritual firing of some sort of arbalest like weapon that fires a large spear using the gravity (centrifugal force?) of the station to get to the other village), a colony of people that used cryogenic freezing to live way longer (maybe cybernetics too?) as well as preserve those that became unbalanced and such, a lesbian colony that was running low on reproductive supplies and wanted to cut off the organ of the professor and another of the male characters that produced these supplies and eventually a penal colony (the villain?) that was busily conquering and/or plundering the other colonies it found (the leader who's name escapes me took things from most of the colonies I mentioned by the way like the cryogenic freezing tech for instance) in order to eventually get strong enough to conquer earth (once it got back) ((things like martial law had been declared and one fellow got control of it all and though I can't recall for sure he either blames earth for troubles he went through or wants revenge (((something like that anyways))) that being his motive for attacking earth someday))

Thats about all I can dredge up (I got a headache doing this to my shock ((it has been a long time since I read it ><)) ) so I really hope it helps those of you willing to help me find its title. I do apologize for the length of this post as well. Thanks for your time and any efforts you put out looking for this ^^

March 19th, 2010, 08:53 PM
Well this isn't the book you describe but The Great Explosion by Eric Frank Russell is sorta the same theme. The last encounter is VERY good.