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July 11th, 2008, 02:23 AM
I'm a fan of sci fi/ fantasy novels, but I always forget the titles of books I read years ago. there are two series especially which I liked alot, but I'm not sure if they are well known. the first series is about a human hegemony that is in war with huge alien sentient living under the crust of planets feeding from the heat, this alien entity consists of nodes comunicating togather (like a computer), and this alien is making war only precieving humans as the other, there is alot of nanotechnology, fighting machines connected to the brain.

The other series is more in the fantasy side about an old family mob style ( mcalan, mcsomething) that gets its power from the moon, and a son who didn't have any powers until he gets it from an unexpected source.

please if any one know the titles of the books, names of the authors please reply.