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July 25th, 2008, 08:55 PM
[I The worst BSG episode is many orders of magnitude beyond the best of ST:TNG.

Each to their own, but personally, I find TNG to be far more entertaining than BSG.

My problems with BSG are over use of politics to try and make the show relevant to today, the sometimes dreadful special effects (space scene looks amazing, but a Cyclon on the ground - looks so silly that the CGI in Doctor Who looks better.

At least with TNG, they never had CGI, cheap or otherwise to create characters.

BSG always sounds really interesting, but everytime I try to watch it I just get bored or totally confused by all the different versions of Boomer oh and the whole thing going on in Baltar's head with the Seven of Nine would be. One day I'll get hold of the full first season and try and get into it, but it'll never surpass TNG because I grew up on that show.

That said, despite rather ugly looking CGI at times and recent re-visiting to the universe, B5 is far better than both - but that isn't the point of discussion!

July 26th, 2008, 10:19 AM
I like both for different reasons.

Right Brane
August 27th, 2008, 03:13 PM
The human race, as depicted in TNG is one that does not discriminate, does not abuse power and is always willing to lend a hand.

Actually, the very first season of TNG showed us the Enterprise crew reacting openly negatively to clones, Ferengi, and Klingons (even with one on their own ship). By the last season we had witnessed quite a few Starfleet officers that had usurped their position to further their own agendas and conceal past indiscretions, as well as other officers who committed murder and other crimes. The human race, as depicted in TNG, was far from perfect.

That said, TNG was a very good show, pretty empty in the first 1-1/2 seasons, but excellent thereafter. They could have taken many more literary and emotional risks (as the Original Series did), but on the other hand, they were willing to go a lot darker than TOS, which made many of their more positive moments stronger, less saccharine than those in TOS.

Personally, I wouldn't compare any Trek directly with BSG... that would be like comparing apples to duck. There are inconsistencies in BSG big enough to fly an ore processor through. But I would consider the characters of BSG to be more "real," that is, more humans than characters. That is the difference between both shows: Trek is more situation-driven, BSG more character-driven; Trek is more about the work, BSG is more about the people doing the work.

August 28th, 2008, 07:42 PM
After all... BSG itself has taken many ideas from TNG and many of the writers are huge Trek fans.

Many of the BSG writers are actually Trek writers. Ronald D. Moore, the developer of the new BSG, wrote for TNG from Season 3 onwards, including a lot of the classic episodes such as Sins of the Father. He got known as 'the Klingon guy' and created most of the stuff for their culture that is now associated with them. Of the other BSG writers a large number - Jane Espenson, Michael Taylor, David Weddle, Bradly Thompson - also wrote for DS9 (Taylor also wrote for Voyager).

Because of their experiences in the Trek universe, the writers deliberately decided to go in a different direction with BSG. Problems are solved through character interaction or military action rather than some piece of technobabble. Living in space is extremely dangerous and questions of where the food, power, water and fuel are going to come from need to be addressed periodically. No replicators or antimatter here. Just travelling around is hard and dangerous (no transporters).

The one thing I would say is that I cannot see how anyone can even begin to say that the first four episodes of BSG - the mini-series (good), the magnificent (and Hugo-winning) 33, Water (solid) and Bastille Day (pretty good) - are worse than the first four episodes of ST:TNG which were, let's remember here, Encounter at Farpoint (crap), The Naked Now (crap, and an awful remake of an original series episode), Code of Honour (really, really, really crap) and Where No One Has Gone Before (approaching passable). If you're comparing the likes of The Best of Both Worlds to those episodes of BSG you're being unfair, as BSG doesn't pull out the episodes that are a match for that until later, with Pegasus (Season 2), the Exodus two-parter (Season 3) and Revelations (Season 4).

The key difference between the two shows is that STTNG is cheesy, escapist fun with occasional moments of real drama (BoBW, Family, The Inner Light), whilst BSG is real drama which addresses contemporary issues in an meaningful way, which occasionally descends into cheesecorn (most of the latter half of Season 3 is not BSG's finest hour, it has to be said).