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August 20th, 2008, 10:02 PM
Wow this is the first week i have not been to at least one movie. I think i have been super busy. Or maybe its just cuz I am broke! I do want to go see some movies though! What movies are out? The House Bunny looks pretty funny. Its pretty sad though that your not wanted at the playboy mansion after you turn twenty seven!! But Anna Ferris is a pretty funny! Death Race kind of seems like a dumb concept though! i mean really? Is that even realistic? It just seems kinda dumb to me. I am pretty sure that I will be draggedto see it by one of my friends. I heard that Tropic Thunder is a pretty funny movie! I want to see that movie!!! I also want to see Mirrors, it looks pretty scary, not to mention gross. the preview of that girl basically ripping her jaw off is pretty sick! Mamma Mia is still out? That movie looks GAY!!! I have no desire to see that movie!! I wish there were movies i wanted to actually see coming out? Anyone reccomend any movies? I kaind of wanna go see Batman again, that movie is freaking AMAZING!!! Tell me why Stars Wars has a new cartoon version now? Is that really necessary jeeezzz!!! We have already seen it twice with real people... I dont think we need a cartoon version. We got the idea the first TWO times!!!