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February 24th, 2009, 09:30 PM
Story about a "de-frocked" psychiatrist in the near future who is barred from
practice when the World President's daughter seeks care and then commits suicide. All mental health care has been banned and the psychiatrist has just been released from prison and is driving a Jaguar along the coast line of Algeria when he picks up a hitch hiker. The young male hitchhiker balckmails the doctor into providing him with psycho-analysis and at the end of the story the "cured" young man drives off to assasinate the President. As he drives off in the Jaguar (a gift from the doctor) we see the psychiatrist futilely running after the car, screaming, "Christian, come back, you're crazy!"
Was in an anthology with a black cover, I think.
I will need psychiatric help if I can't ID this story, whitaker@mris.com
Any help or hints will be pursued in hopes of saving one person's sanity