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Rob B
April 7th, 2009, 12:37 PM
Some people might be familiar with the name Sandy Collora from the very popular fan films Batman: Dead End and World's Finest. He's now turned his directorial hand to a feature-length film which is nearing completion: Hunter Prey (http://www.hunterpreythemovie.com/).

io9 is exclusively hosting the teaser trailer (http://io9.com/5091379/first-look-at-fan-auteur-sandy-colloras-hunter-prey)


Hunter Prey centers around a group of elite intergalactic commandos that have crash-landed on a harsh and unknown planet while transporting an alien prisoner. Now they must track down and recapture the escaped creature, and their orders are to bring it in ALIVE.

The soldiers begin to question their orders while finding themselves at a severe disadvantage, not being able to harm the prisoner. The team starts getting picked off, one by one, by their dangerous adversary, until the odds become even.

With one soldier remaining, he's faced with a decision. Does he risk his life playing the creature's game or does he disobey his orders and kill it. The realization he comes to, after finding out why his superiors want the prisoner alive and why the alien is trying to escape, starts to change the way he thinks not only about his situation, but himself, as he finds out who's really hunting whom?

He's worked on films like Dogma, Men in Black, The Abyss, and Predator 2.

It hasn't been picked up for a theatrical release yet, but wherever it is shown, I'll be there.

April 20th, 2009, 08:06 AM
Missed this post initially, but then noticed Sandy Collora's name when scanning though recent posts.

I’ve been wondering what the would be director has been up to since World’s Finest and whilst I was hoping for another great comic book related fan trailer/short, a feature could be good. Not been able to watch the trailer as work’s PC doesn’t seem to like it, but based on the stills, it looks pretty good. The commando’s look like Clone Troopers which is pretty cool. Plot doesn’t sound amazingly original, but it the film is shot with the same panache as Batman: Dead End then I’ll be watching it.