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June 24th, 2009, 02:47 PM
Hello all!

Thank you for looking at my post! I am trying to hunt down books from my youth, as we all are apparently, and i am stuck on one. It is about this boy who goes around through EMT screens (Called EMPTY in the book as slang). Donít really remember much through the beginning of the book, but they come up with a way to make the screens for personal protection kind of like a box around them and they assault who ever is the ruling class at the end of the book. The protagonist goes through the building with this on and tries to find the Bad guy, and at the end finds out that he cut right through the personís room and the person.... if I remember correctly. Now the Funny part canít really recollect exactly when I read it. It was in either 4th grade or ninth grade so a spread between 88 and 1994...... but I am guessing it was written sometime in the 80's... if i can think of any more i will try to post it in here.

Thanks for the help