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July 15th, 2009, 06:40 PM
The first season of Prison Break got me hooked with an interesting concept, a story that kept you on the edge, an interesting cast, and constant question of how they will break out. The next two seasons had a lot of good and bad as the show was finding its style post first break out. The fourth season, although kind of drawn out, just became fun to watch as you came to expect the crazy/ridiculous situations. Now the show has wrapped with one of the best (sad and shocking) series finales I have seen in a while. Next week the last 2 episodes of PB will be released and the show will disappear into the realm of reruns and old message board threads.

But before that happens share your thoughts on the show. What did you think of the first season and its progression after the breakout? What first got you hooked? What did you think of the last season and the series finale? Should the series continue? Could it continue? Who has seen or looking forward to The Final Break?