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Tom Kalbfus
September 4th, 2009, 02:49 PM
This is a time machine, it does just one thing, it goes backwards or forward in time, it operates in a fashion much like H. G. Wells time machine does, it just sits there and moves forward or backwards in time, it moves with whatever landmass is underneath it.

The principle of the time machines movement in time is that of a time warp. A single timewarp delivers the time machine and a certain amount of space around it from one point in time to another. The time machine can project 15 time warp bubbles around itself every second as observed by the time traveler and his passengers. In between time warps the time machine is moving forward in time along with the rest of the Universe. When the time machine occupies the same space as another object, it displaces that object into the future past the duration of time the machine spends moving forward in time with the rest of the Universe. The time traveler is only aware of time spend between time warps, time warps themselves are instantaneous jumps from one point in time to the next, and the effect for the time traveler and any observers in the timeline is of a film moving fast forwards or backwards. For the obsever the time machine occupies a space for only 1/15th of a second, and is barely perceptible.

The time ratios, that is the rate at which the time machine moves forward or backwards in time are as follows:

1:1 This is how we normally experience the Universe when we are not in a time machine. The time machine is basically sitting there waiting to be used, it has a chronometer which keeps track of time however, it basically runs on the modern calender that is it assumes a leap year for every 4th year except for every century year that is not evenly divisible by 400, that is the years 100, 200, 300, 500, 600, 700, 900, 1000, 1100, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1700, 1800, and 1900 AD are not leap years, but the years 0, 400, 800, 1200, 1600, and 2000 AD are. The chronometer keeps track of time down to the 1/15th of a second, its display looks something like this:
000,000,002,009:09:04:13:34:09:02 AD
The range of dates are from
013,764,539,528:11:13:06:27:42:13 BC
which is the moment of the Big Bang to
999,999,999,999:12:31:23:59:59:14 AD
The format of the date is the first 12 digits with comma seperators are the year, next comes : Month : Day : Hour : Minute : Second : 1/15th of a second and AD or BC.

The time machine moves through time in the following manner, to reach a certain time ratio, the time machine must spend 10 subjective seconds each in all the time ratios between the current one and the one desired.

There is a maximum cruising speed of either + or - one year per second which is indicated in the following time ratios, at this rate, it takes 16 minutes and 40 seconds to cross a millenium, about 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds to cross 1 million years. So the only commonality between all these stories is this Wellsian style time machine, how it comes into being, who built it or where or when it came from is up to you. You have a free hand in determining what sort of time travel stories you want to use this machine it. H.G. Wells already wrote one Time Travel Story called the Time Machine, what can you come up with?

Notes: on the chronologic speeds of the Time Machine, The specific passenger and cargo carrying capacity of the time machine is up to the writer. Good luck!
After the first ratio of 1:1, we also have -1:1, which means the time machine jumps back in time 1/15th of a second then spends 1/15th of a second in the normal time stream then jumps back 1/15th of a second again, you could call this the Pause Button if you like, because at this ratio the time machine is neigther moving forwards or backwards in time, but rather pausing, if you can perceive movement in 1/15th of a second things seem to be moving back and forth very rapidly, putting on a slight fuzzy blur to fast moving objects outside the time machine.

The next ratio setting is -2:1, this gives the outside world the appearance of a backwards moving motion picture at normal speed at about -1 second per second.

-3:1 is -2 seconds per second, this is double reverse speed,
-4:1 is -3 seconds per second,
-5:1 is -4 seconds per second,
-6:1 is -5 seconds per second,
-11:1 is -10 seconds per second,
-21:1 is -20 seconds per second,
-31:1 is -30 seconds per second,
-41:1 is -40 seconds per second,
-51:1 is -50 seconds per second,
-61:1 is -1 minute per second,
-121:1 is -2 minutes per second,
-181:1 is -3 minutes per second,
-241:1 is -4 minutes per second,
-301:1 is -5 minutes per second,
-601:1 is -10 minutes per second,
-901:1 is -15 minutes per second,
-1801:1 is -30 minutes per second,
-3601:1 is -1 hour per second,
-7201:1 is -2 hours per second,
-10,801:1 is -3 hours per second,
-14,401:1 is -4 hours per second,
-21,601:1 is -6 hours per second,
-43,201:1 is -12 hours per second,
-86,401:1 is -1 day per second,
-172,801:1 is -2 days per second,
-259,201:1 is -3 days per second,
-345,601:1 is -4 days per second,
-432,001:1 is -5 days per second,
-864,001:1 is -10 days per second,
-1,296,001:1 is -15 days per second,
-2,592,001:1 is -30 days per second,
-3,888,001:1 is -45 days per second,
-5,184,001:1 is -60 days per second,
-6,480,001:1 is -75 days per second,
-7,776,001:1 is -90 days per second,
-9,072,001:1 is -105 days per second,
-10,368,001:1 is -120 days per second,
-11,664,001:1 is -135 days per second,
-12,960,001:1 is -150 days per second,
-14,256,001:1 is -165 days per second,
-15,552,001:1 is -180 days per second,
-16,848,001:1 is -195 days per second,
-18,144,001:1 is -210 days per second,
-19,440,001:1 is -225 days per second,
-20,736,001:1 is -240 days per second,
-22,032,001:1 is -255 days per second,
-23,328,001:1 is -270 days per second,
-24,624,001:1 is -285 days per second,
-25,920,001:1 is -300 days per second,
-27,216,001:1 is -315 days per second,
-28,512,001:1 is -330 days per second,
-29,808,001:1 is -345 days per second,
-31,104,001:1 is -360 days per second, which is the maximum ratio and speed at which the time machine can go back in time.

Forwards in time it can go at the following ratios:
2:1 is 2 seconds per second, this is double speed,
3:1 is 3 seconds per second,
4:1 is 4 seconds per second,
5:1 is 5 seconds per second,
10:1 is 10 seconds per second,
20:1 is 20 seconds per second,
30:1 is 30 seconds per second,
40:1 is 40 seconds per second,
50:1 is 50 seconds per second,
60:1 is 1 minute per second,
120:1 is 2 minutes per second,
180:1 is 3 minutes per second,
240:1 is 4 minutes per second,
300:1 is 5 minutes per second,
600:1 is 10 minutes per second,
900:1 is 15 minutes per second,
1800:1 is 30 minutes per second,
3600:1 is 1 hour per second,
7200:1 is 2 hours per second,
10,800:1 is 3 hours per second,
14,400:1 is 4 hours per second,
21,600:1 is 6 hours per second,
43,200:1 is 12 hours per second,
86,400:1 is 1 day per second,
172,800:1 is 2 days per second,
259,200:1 is 3 days per second,
345,600:1 is 4 days per second,
432,000:1 is 5 days per second,
864,000:1 is 10 days per second,
1,296,000:1 is 15 days per second,
2,592,000:1 is 30 days per second,
3,888,000:1 is 45 days per second,
5,184,000:1 is 60 days per second,
6,480,000:1 is 75 days per second,
7,776,000:1 is 90 days per second,
9,072,000:1 is 105 days per second,
10,368,000:1 is 120 days per second,
11,664,000:1 is 135 days per second,
12,960,000:1 is 150 days per second,
14,256,000:1 is 165 days per second,
15,552,000:1 is 180 days per second,
16,848,000:1 is 195 days per second,
18,144,000:1 is 210 days per second,
19,440,000:1 is 225 days per second,
20,736,000:1 is 240 days per second,
22,032,000:1 is 255 days per second,
23,328,000:1 is 270 days per second,
24,624,000:1 is 285 days per second,
25,920,000:1 is 300 days per second,
27,216,000:1 is 315 days per second,
28,512,000:1 is 330 days per second,
29,808,000:1 is 345 days per second,
31,104,000:1 is 360 days per second, which is the maximum ratio and speed at which the time machine can go forward in time.

Tom Kalbfus
September 4th, 2009, 06:58 PM
Zachary Smith gunned his motorcycle pushing it to the limit as he went over the hill in the motorcross dirt bike finals, his nearest compeditor Jason Taylor was right behind maneuvering to get past him on the narrow dirt track, but Zack wasn't going to allow any of it, he veared from side to side as he gunned the engine once again. Jason Taylor sped past him, on his left as Zack made the turn Jason went over the rise in the hill, Zack went after him, he soared into the air as his bike left the ground. The next think Zack knew is he hit a glass window as his bike knocked somebody out of the driver's seat of this vehicle, a yellow-white arc of light tilted north to south as the vehicle sped on. Zack climbed through the windshield of the strange car sitting admidst the eerie twilight landscape. The vegetation as a blur as green things moved about the landscape, grew and spread. The man next to him was splayed out the door and he was missing his head. "Ugh," Zack muttered as he pushed the corpse all the way out the open doorframe where it immediately disappeared.
Zack examined the display screen, numbers were ticking rapidly in the following secession with numbers to the right of the colon changing too fast to be seen.
000,000,002,069:##:##:##:##:##:## AD; 000,000,002,070:##:##:##:##:##:## AD; 000,000,002,071:##:##:##:##:##:## AD; 000,000,002,072:##:##:##:##:##:## AD; 000,000,002,073:##:##:##:##:##:## AD ....
Zack noticed a lever that was pushed all the way to the forward position, this reminded him of something.
000,000,002,084:##:##:##:##:##:## AD; 000,000,002,085:##:##:##:##:##:## AD; 000,000,002,086:##:##:##:##:##:## AD ...
Yes a time machine, as in H.G. Wells The Time machine, what if he pulled back on the lever? The lever resisted his effort as if the machine had a lot of momentum and would only slow its forward velocity in time reluctantly.

The numbers on the display screen slowed after several minutes,
000,000,002,209:10:20:##:##:##:## AD; 000,000,002,209:10:21:##:##:##:## AD; 000,000,002,209:10:22:##:##:##:## AD ...
Zack finally saw the days tick by.

After a few tens of seconds the advancing hours became visible ...
000,000,002,209:12:02:13:##:##:## AD; 000,000,002,209:12:02:14:##:##:## AD; 000,000,002,209:12:02:15:##:##:## AD ...

Then minutes ...
000,000,002,209:12:02:23:14:##:## AD; 000,000,002,209:12:02:23:15:##:## AD; 000,000,002,209:12:02:23:16:##:## AD ...

Then finally seconds ...
000,000,002,209:12:02:27:23:18:## AD; 000,000,002,209:12:02:27:23:19:## AD; 000,000,002,209:12:02:27:23:20:## AD ... The sun slowed its motion in the sky as they machine grew quiet, the final reading was
000,000,002,209:12:02:23:23:04:## AD; 000,000,002,209:12:02:23:23:05:## AD; 000,000,002,209:12:02:23:23:06:## AD ..., and continued ticking as a normal clock would. Zack interpreted the display to mean December 2, 2209 AD, 11:23pm.

It was a cold December day with trees off in the distance bare of leaves. So this is the 23rd century, Zack thought. The clearing where the motorcross stood was now an overgrown forest, though one bare of leaves. Oh my I crashed into a time machine, was Zack's further thought, "I could be in big trouble!" Zack swore, "Well can this go back in time?" Zack said to no one in particular, he got into the wheeless vehicle, through the open doorway of the driver side and he pulled the lever back from the "neutral" position. The Sun climbed the sky from west to east as the clouds sped on by. Zack eased the controls of the car-sized time machine, the Sun arced into the sky and set many times, the sky grew grey, snow covered the ground leaves turned from bright colors to green, flowers budded and then tree limbs grew bare as snow again covered the ground, the sun raced overhead from west to east, barely perceptable, it took several hours traveling backwards in time at moderate speed, when Zack judged the time to be right to ease the lever forward into the neutral position once again, he time it so he's arrive at one in the morning, the display read 000,000,002,009:09:06:01:00:04:## AD, the moon was full, he arrived the previous night before the accident with the time machine, he didn't want the attention of authorities or the emergency vehicles and police cars, probably responding to his sudden disappearance, he supposed.

The first task would be to move the time machine to some place that would be more convenient, under the light of the full moon, he examined his time machine, in many ways it resembled a car with no wheels, it was dome-shaped, had four doors, well three doors anyway and an open door frame, a broken windshield, a time lever, chronometer display. First things first, Zack had to hide the time machine, but how? It was then that he noticed the nob right next to the the time control lever, it looked like a timer. Zack pushed the lever slightly forward and the stars wheeled over head, he twisted the nob and it ticked down to zero and when it reached zero, the lever slipped back into the neutral position and the time machine's rapid rate of travel stopped, it was now 6 am in the morning. Zack found another nob, by twisting that, the lever would move slightly forwards and the time machine would activate when the timer reached zero. By this mechanism, Zack was able to "park" the time machine so that it wouldn't be seen, such that at some prearranged time, it would reappear as it ceased to move forward in time at a rapid rate, all he would have to do would be to set the controls to cause the time machine to jump forward a number of hours all by itself, and then all he had to do is to arrange to be there when the time machine arrived so he could take possession of it. With that done, he would now have to decide what to do with the time machine.