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October 2nd, 2009, 08:30 PM
So when I was a child (and probably too young to be reading this sort of thing) I read a sci fi book I loved...then lost. Maybe one of you have heard of it.

I don't recall the latter half of the book at all, but in the beginning it concerns the landing of a golden spacecraft on a planet. I recall how the ship's drive carved great ruts into the land, and (for one reason or another) tethers were attached to it to help keep it steady as it completed the final maneuvers. One snaps and tears a man in half, such is the tension on them.

Later a male main character ends up on said golden spacecraft, which seems to be owned by some woman of status, a queen or something like that. The entire ship vibrates softly with the engine's energy.

At some point they visit another planet...I think they take a runabout of some kind down, rather than landing the ship, which is very large.

There are naked humans, apparently reverting, no longer really using technology. They eat berries from a bush. Then this male character studies the bush and discovers that the berries are in fact some sort of animal, and move around trying to avoid being grabbed and eaten by the natives.

But that's all I've got. Some of that I'm not even sure of. But the golden spacecraft is definitely true to the story, and the bit about the primitive people.

I remember enjoying the book, but being baffled by some of it. I'd like to read it again. Any ideas?

Please don't suggest I google it...I've been websearching for this thing for a decade and more. That sometimes works; it turned up two other books I read at a very young age, Forgotten Beasts of Eld and Dragonworld (both wonderful fantasy books). But this one eludes me yet.