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December 14th, 2001, 12:58 PM
Okay, who has checked out the stuff coming out of CrossGen? Some of it is brilliant and they've got more titles on the way that I am eagerly looking forward to. Currently, their two best titles are Sojourn (a pure sword and sorcery fantasy by Ron Marz and Greg Land) and Ruse (a quasi-Sherlock Holmes story in a quasi-19th century England by Mark Waid and Butch Juice). Next year, they have the samurai epic The Path (by Barbara Kesel (I think) and Bart Sears) and the kung-fu adventure series Way of the Rat (by Chuck Dixon and an un-announced artist). With people complaining of the pervasivness of superhero comics these days, CrossGen is publishing everything BUT. Definitely something to peruse the next time you're at the comic shop.

December 14th, 2001, 07:12 PM
I do read a few CrossGen titles, the one I really enjoy is Scion.. I think that is a great title, and love it. I also read The First, but, I find it a little confusing..

My only complaint with CrossGen titles is that they all have the similiar theme of the sigil/design.. Each main character is gifted with it, while, it is a neat concept, I think it is getting a bit repititive..

Though, I will admit, I am so totally looking forward to "The Path".. http://www.sffworld.com/ubb/smile.gif


December 15th, 2001, 03:37 PM

When the CrossGen universe was formed, the sigil was the unifying theme. However, if you're looking for a CrossGen book without that them, check out Waid and Guice's Ruse. No sign of a sigil yet.

I do enjoy Scion as well (being the fantasy freak that I am). This is more military fantasy as compared to Sojourn which seems to be more epic fantasy.

I gave up on First even though I love Sears' artwork. All the characters just got too confusing and I didn't care about them. I love the first issue of the book which is the world that The Path is going to take place on. I can't wait for that one either. FYI, Way of the Rat also will take place on that world http://www.sffworld.com/ubb/smile.gif Kewl!!!!

December 15th, 2001, 08:12 PM
Yah, I agree with you on "The First".. I am totally lost in that series right now, but, I love Bart Sears work.. Though, I am pretty sure he is leaving the First to draw The Path..

And yeah, I agree.. First Issue of "The First" was amazing, I am so glad they are doing a series on it.

I'll take a look at Ruse.. If it doesnt have that Sigil, it'll be worth the look.


fluffy bunny
April 25th, 2002, 07:01 AM
Is the next crossgen paperback idea anygood?

They're doing two tpbs a month at $10 each.
Forge: crux, meridian, sojurn, negation the path (1st issue has soj prequel and issue 1, negation prequel, meridian 15, crux 1-3, the pathe preview- ie prequel next issue)

Edge: the first, mystic, ruse, scion, sigil (1st issue= the first 8-10, mystic 15+16, ruse 1, scion 15, sigil 15). ie everything not available as a tpb just yet.

Just wondering- don't read crossgen, but willing to give it a try.