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June 6th, 2002, 07:43 PM
in other words, where does your inspiration come from when writing a story? certain events that happen to you, places you've seen and been to, people you've encountered, other stories?

well, my inspiration actually comes from a different source actually... music. and the kind of music i mean is soundtracks (you know, the ones with orchestrations). i dont know why, but when i listen to some tracks, it creates these images of scenes that go perfect with whatever i am thinking about. especially the tracks that are action ones.

in fact, on the site of a story i am writing, i will soon put up a page with the music tracks that inspired me for certain scenes (and you can download the full tracks, or just the parts that made the inspiration, i have not decided yet. probably a mixture, sense on some occasions the entire track is an inspiration).

June 6th, 2002, 08:10 PM
I get inspiration from music too! Even music with words, if it evokes a certain mood, sometimes gives me ideas for scenes.

I have several books of mythology--greek, norse, and celtic--and I find that reading those stories gives me lots of ideas. Let's face it, those were the first fantasies ever written.

Reading about history, especially ancient civilizations, is another good place to find ideas. For example, there was an article recently in National Geographic magazine about the ancient civilizations of Peru, and as I was reading it the descriptions of the towns they built up in the mountains with all the buildings whitewashed, and the ways in which their society operated, it gave me lots of ideas for designing a secluded mountain race.

Sometimes I get ideas from my own life, in terms of interactions between people, relationships etc. It's kind of fun sometimes to model a character after someone you know. :)

June 6th, 2002, 08:22 PM
Actually, many of my stories are created from a life experience blown way out of proportion. For example, my short story Where did all the Cats Go was inspired after my own feline friend fell into his eternal slumber after going one on one with a Dodge Dynasty. :(

The story itself needs some polishing before I put it up (at sff world of course ) for the world to see. Regardless you get the idea.

When I am writing however I prefer to do it with all the clocks covered, and in absolute silence. :)

June 7th, 2002, 12:08 AM
Dreams, and thoughts at any time of any day.

June 7th, 2002, 01:08 AM
btw, i get inspirations from hearing music before AND during i write something.

i think my best inspiration came from this one track that ended up giving me a great idea and sequence of the climax of a fantasy story i am writing.

this track (which i have uploded tothe net to bring to you to take a listen at) is action packed, and has the perfect sense that inspired me for the climax for my story ( my story can be found being made here: http://www.bermdatriangle.u2i.org )

anyhow, listen tothis track, maybe you'll get some inspiration as well. you may recognize it from a certain movie, but even though the movie was not all that great, this track is one of the best actin scores i have heard. this apparently unreleased track is called Underwater Attack:


June 7th, 2002, 01:17 AM
here's another inspiration track from epsidode 2 called On The Conveyorbelt:


June 7th, 2002, 03:04 AM
Inspiration and ideas.

Well, let us see.

I tend to see the funny or quirky side of life.

So though I have written "serious fantasy" bit plot heavy stuff. My best work according to those that have read it is my "lighter" more taking the micky kind of work. Which was a bit of a surprise to me:D

Anyway take my latest just completed book. (which is being trained to hunt at publisher at the moment) The inspiration behind this is a hat. Yes a hat.

In Edmond Lechevallier-Chevignard's book European costumes of the 16th through 18th cent there is a plate no 86 of a swiss Halberdier. He is wearing a slashed black silk doublet over a blue jacket, trunk hose, hose, BROAD BRIMMED FELT HAT WITH PLUMES.

It was the hat, my mind kept coming back to this damn hat!
Who would wear a hat like this? What would he be up to? And why?

The "Hat Man" started off as the hero's side kick. But by the end of the first chapter he was the main character, he and his hat *g*

I also wanted to write a peice with as little info dumps as possible. Have it character and action driven. Make the combat fast and furious. The banter between the character's normal and inject a bit of "real" humour into it.

Has it worked? Only the readers (if it makes it) will be able to say.

But of all the work I have done over a number of years trying to write, this is one, inspired by a damn hat, is the best I have ever written.

June 7th, 2002, 06:41 AM
Tell you the truth, I don't get inspirations.I'm a walking fantasy library, and it's as if I didn't even live in this world. Not that there is too much wrong with this one, but I already live in a world that I'm writing about :)
So my inspirations come, as I'm walking along, as I'm sitting in lectures, as I'm thinking about nothing in particular. And then I write them down. I got way too many ideas this way, and I can come up with a good scenario or explanation for just about anything.

August 7th, 2002, 02:27 PM
For me, inspiration can come from anywhere, something I read, something I hear (including music), dreams, news or real life situations that I have encountered.

Wherever it comes from, I always ask one thing. What if?

For example, one of my favourite short stories (if not the story, at least the concept) is called 'Soundtrack'.

I was reading an article once about the profound power music can have over an individual and the writer made a statement along the lines of 'music provides the soundtrack to our lives, so we associate certain songs with parts of our childhood or specific events.'

I remember thinking 'What if' a character started hearing music in his head, like a continuous unrelenting soundtrack. At first the music was shaped by his mood but gradually the music starts to predict certain events. Like creepy music streams through if he is about to enter danger.

If I get inspiration and I don't care about the answer, I answer 'So What?' and move on. If I want to know the answer, I'll write a short story.


Aidan Aasarin
August 8th, 2002, 10:14 PM
It may sound strange, but I have taken inspiration for several plots and stories from listening to children. My nephew can spin some pretty fantastic yarns. It is as if his imagination hasn't been jaded by reality yet.