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January 16th, 2010, 09:14 AM
Hmm only real description i can give you is a summary of events, i don't even remember the characters names anymore:

Its set in the future, where the earths planet is basically destroyed and only real remaining populace is people living in domes. The rest of humanity is slowly dying on the surface of the earth, and they call themselves earth people, they call the dome dwelling people the sky people, since they come in crafts every now and then.

First main character is a girl:

a baby girl was born in a village, where the earth was a barren desert. The baby girl was taken away from the mother by the elder because, the sky people where coming after her. So the elder used some wood and started a fire to pretend to burn the stillborn baby, while another person left with the baby to a oasis where she was going to grow up.

The second main character is a boy:

He is one of the sky people and his dad had broken the rule, whereas any two couple must have one boy and one girl to keep the dome balance, and changes in the dome balance will lead to higher consumption of resources and cause imbalance thus destruction. His father is a famed scientist that is working on why, people on the earth can survive, and why people living in the domes, cannot take the radiation emitting from the sun.

Some terrorist events happen, and eventually the domes structure starts collapsing, the girl which was sent to the oasis, learns that she can communicate with the earth in a way, and finds her mother calling for her, but its beyond where the sky people live, so she gets herself captured on purpose to look for her. She finds out that communicating with the sky people was alot more painful then with the earth, and eventually meets the boy main character.

As more terrorist events happen, the boy main character's brother starts getting jealous that he was allowed to help with the scientific research on helping humans survive the outside world, instead of himself, who was born first. This leads to a dispute, and the brother betraying the family, but the terrorist that the boy main character was forced to help, because he owed them a favor due to him getting manipulated by a girl, who happens to be the 3rd main character and a child that was born by the rape of a sky person male and a female earth person, but the female died since the baby was too large, and the baby disappeared, no one knows what happened to her. Until she surfaces to manipulate him so he would give his access codes so they could destroy the government, since the 5 domes weren't being treated equally. This leads to the destruction of the domes where they all collapse, and the main character and two girls escape, and the dad tells them to survive and move at night, when the radiation levels are the lowest.

It ends there, can't really think of too much else, thou i think the main boy characters first name was Tom, not 100% sure on that.

Any suggestions?

Edit: Some other story line: the girl can also influence other minds of creatures, and she makes a stray dog like her, when she gets captured by bandits, but she had promised not to touch other creatures minds anymore, as each time she has done it, it has killed something (accidentally). The dog longed for her contact, and she refused, then when she was being rescued the dog helped out fighting the bandits, but she didn't want another person getting killed so she commanded the dog not to do the finishing blow, by using her mind touch ability, this cause the dog to be really happy that she finally reached out to him again, but the bandit took that opportunity to crush the dogs skull.