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January 26th, 2010, 09:03 PM
many years ago I read a scifi satire that I would like to find. The story was in the far future very ne was gauranteed a phone (don't think cellphones were invented when I read it and these phones did a lot more than ours), people were sculting there bodies to fly more aerodynamically with there anti grav units, no food only food supplements, the protagonist was in love with an animated video girlfriend that morphed all the time changed appearance ( and um ..sometimes number of breasts). He gets jerked out of this happy happy civilized world, I forget how and thrown into the real? wild? uncivilized? non-city? world. He begins to eat real food and is stunned when he has a real bowel movement. um...let's see. Some people are disillusioned and commit suicide by turning their antigravs to full and dying from altitude asphyxsia.
Very tongue in cheek , maybe humor.
Anyway he becomes the prophezied saviour of a group of people the world something. Anyone know this book? do you know the title It was maybe old when I read it 20-30 yrs ago
thanks in advance