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May 19th, 2010, 02:09 AM
I was wondering if anyone can tell me why the PS3 comes with a Blu-ray player yet most of its games are not released for high definition?

I normally purchase my games on the Xbox when confronted with the choice between the two consoles as the game will have 1080p capability on the Xbox where the best it can do on the PS3 is 720p.

Does not make sense they are the same game so this should not be a problem especially when the PS3 has one, if not the, best Blu-Ray players on the market today.

I would be more inclined to purchase more PS3 games if 1080p were an option but instead I buy everything for the Xbox and only purchase PS3 games when they are only on the PS3 console.

Seems like a waste to have all that power and never use it. Any ideas why this is so?

May 19th, 2010, 04:39 AM
According to what I can find, the PS3 does have some 1080p games but many of them aren't and one should let your TV do the upscaling (if any).

The 360 renders most games natively at 720p (as in that's the resolution of the games), but it upscales them to 1080p if that's the setting you choose. Just like the PS3, there's some 1080p games, but not many.

So it's basically six and two-threes at the moment. You'll probably see more and more 1080p PS3 games in the future. As for why? I'm not sure, truth be told. Could just be that developers don't like the PS3 ;)