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May 19th, 2010, 10:59 AM
Need help to identify a book that was read to me as a teenager! It was a long time ago so some details may not be accurate or even remotely close to the plot.

My grandmother read a chapter every night to me and my uncle. He was only 5 years older than me. I was raised in a family that was poor by anyone's standards. We lived in a town of 50 people, completely agricultural as we managed our own little farm. We had lots of books growing up, complete encyclopedias, books on just about every subject you could imagine. My grandmother was very dead set on the idea that we all learned as much as we could. She bought books at stores, garage sales, estate auctions you name it. It didn't matter how old the book was if it was for sale she got it. So when I say the book was read to us at around 1993 that really doesn't mean much. As the book could have easily been published in the 50's and we were just receiving it as "Current Literature".

What I know of the book:
1- It was based on a planet not Earth
2- The lead character was male
3- He was alone maybe not from the beginning, but was alone at the end
4- He was actively observing the planet, from a scientific point of view
taking notes of the moss growing in a crater, and the worms/maggots
that had a specific name *which I cant recall to save my life.
5- The planet was devoid of intelligent life, aside from simple organisms
6- He had a "Mech" bionic suit to live in. In that suit was some kind of microwave to heat his meals.
7- In the end, he knew the worms were digging their way into his boots of the suit, and he was gonna die, so he chose to make his last meal in the microwave like device, and die.......

After that I dont Know.... Did he die? Not a clue! The story was never finished! My uncle went off to college, and the book was lost. Grandma remarried after grandpa...., uncle went on to achieve his degree. He accomplished alot, a doctorates in microbiology. Only a few short years later.... He worked in the UCLA jet propulsion lab. There are few credits to what the man contributed to our society. All i can conclude from those years is........ He dedicated himself to his research, and there are alot of people who will miss him more than they will ever understand.

Shortly after receiving his PHD, he married the woman of his dreams. Less than 1 year later he got a sore on his leg, went to the hospital, and within a few hours went into aseptic shock. He passed away shortly after. After repeated attempt to resuscitate.

I would like to finish this book in his honor, if anyone could help thank you all.

All I know, I want to finish the story, not only for myself, but for deceased uncle. If anyone can shed even a sliver of the story, would be greatly appreciated.... Thank you....

May 27th, 2010, 08:59 AM
No ideas yet?

I cant believe not even google is helping me right now.