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May 31st, 2010, 04:42 PM
While in a hospital, I found a book whose name I cannot remember. It was a book about a female computer artificial intelligence program who was manufactured by a startup. The book was published sometime in the 1980's. I believe that it was meant for a contest or test of sorts (I could be wrong about this detail). It featured a boy who received probation for breaking into a scientific computer and stealing time on it. It contained lots of 1980's computer culture in it, which made it a fascinating read for me.

I did some searching on my own and I was able to find a book similar to it - Ariel (1984) by Jack Bickham. However, none of the editions I was able to find matched the cover of this other novel, which had an up-close facial profile of a nude, brown-haired white woman (no private parts exposed) on it, with a dark black background. I am convinced it is not the same book, even though it is similar. It was a hardback book.

Can anyone help me identify this other book?