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June 30th, 2010, 03:51 AM
Hi there

I've been looking for a movie/miniseries for 10 years now without finding out which one it might have been and I'm hoping someone amongst you might recognise it.

When I was a kid (this is approx. 10 years ago) we were visiting my grandparents and me and my grandfather were sitting up watching television. I beleive what we were watching was a miniseries in a few parts (two or three) but I can't remember for sure since it's so many years ago.

I only got to see the start before I was chased to bed by my annoying mother, and I never found out what it was that I had watched...

The show started with soldiers, clearly cyborglike, with implants of some sort on their forheads and some artificial limbs etc (little borg-like but not quite!) in a battle on some remote planet. (I think it was remote anyways, it was very dark and there were buildings - I think it was a colony) There were blocky-looking space ships and everything was very ''functional'' rather than aesthetical. I cannot remember what they fought against which leads me to believe they just fought other cyborg-like soldiers from a different factions or just humans. Otherwise I think I'd remember. I think the very start was a ship
''floating through space'' with the soldiers in cryo, though I may be mixing this up with something else.

The main feature other than the soldiers was a rough sounding narrator voice explaining that this was their life, enhanced soldiers in a constant war, every time they got hurt they got a new artificial part etc.

The whole thing had a slight video game feel to it, but I've never seen it again ever, if I google the different things I remember about it I get no further, lists of sci fi or cyborg shows and movies tell me nothing, but then again I'm not even sure I'd recognise it if I just saw a title and read a synopsis since all I saw was the start...

It may be a horribly bad show or movie for all I know, but it's been bugging me for 10 years, so if someone could shed some light on what this was, I'd be really grateful :D