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July 30th, 2010, 06:02 PM
Couldn't find a recent thread about current MMOs. I used to play Ultima Online and started D&D online for a while... but just didn't have the time to keep up. I own several that I just don't play, because Ultima became so worn to me. I can only mine for so long before I get bored.

So what's the preferred online game these days you are playing? Still WoW like South Park? I've got dead time at night while babysitting, so thinking about starting up again.

July 30th, 2010, 09:41 PM

You're in luck. A new MMORPG is coming out soon (has it already come out? I don't know), titled...well, check it out yourself (http://www.swtor.com/).

July 30th, 2010, 09:57 PM
Actually, I did see an earlier thread on that particular game. I haven't played SW games since Dark Forces. I prefer FF vs SF in this realm, but I'm not adverse to checking it out if so many folks recommend it.
thnx PW.

July 31st, 2010, 06:30 AM
WoW still reigns supreme, but that's hardly surprising. The 3rd expansion is coming out later this year and I'm really looking forward to that - it's doing some exciting things.

I tried the Star Trek MMO and, well, the less said about that the better.

July 31st, 2010, 09:06 AM
People like to slag on WoW, but it's #1 for a reason. It's easy to learn but has depth to the gameplay. It's supported like crazy. And there's 10 million people playing it, meaning help is usually easy to find. I've quit the game for months and come back and picked up things again right away.

July 31st, 2010, 10:10 AM
I'd jump in and recommend WoW, but I can't do so in good conscious. If you do wish to play it, then wait until Cataclysm is released. There's no point jumping in now, IMHO, as the game world and even a lot of the game mechanics are going to change.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is, supposedly, in closed beta at the moment and it's aiming for an early 2011 release. I'm dubious about buying it, mainly because I get bored with MMOs quite quickly, although I'm sure it'll be quite good.

My recommendations are EverQuest 2 And LotRO, both of which are going free-to-play in some form or another. LotRO is somewhat complex for an MMO, but it's got lovely graphics and plays quite well. I can't say I'm a huge fan, mind you. I wanted to love it, but something didn't click for me.

EverQuest 2 is the sequel to one of the most successful and established franchises in online gaming. It's got fairly good graphics, it plays well, it's got roughly the right amount of complexity, and the community is nice.

Can't remember what else I've enjoyed. I have Age of Conan somewhere, but I can't recall what it was like - except somewhat buggy.