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July 31st, 2010, 01:33 PM
First post! Great looking site.

Could be a long-shot but I'm wondering if anyone remembers a short-story that was published in one of the monthly digests of the late 70s (e.g Asimov's, Galaxy, Analog, etc. (but likely limited to those)).

Briefly, I think it was about people who managed to transfer their brains to robots so that they could live longer. Not everyone qualified for this. The story was about 2 characters on a spaceship, one who had his brain transferred and who was trying to kill off a woman (the other character) whom he deemed inferior in some way. She tries to survive and in the end...well I'm not going to say.

Anyway, this request is simply for nostalgia reasons. Looking for the title and/or author with the hopes that I can track this down, maybe in a old bookstore.