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September 4th, 2010, 08:47 AM
Hello guys,

I'm trying to remember the title of a book i read about 4-5 years ago. I'll give you as much info on it as i can remember. It starts off with the protagonist, owing a large amount of money to some shady people, walking into a casino to try and win the loan from the roulette table. He has only one $50 chip and places it on 13 black (I think). He wins and wins and wins, all by betting on number 13. However, when he tries to exchange the chips, the cashier tells him that the casino had just lost all of it's money to some other high roller.

With the loan sharks hot on his tail, he bumps into a man that looks exactly like he does. Long story short, the stranger makes the protaganist swap places with him to board a ship that is going on a deep space mission to.... i can't remember why, perhaps find new habitable planets becuase Earth has gone to pot. While on the ship he falls in love with some woman. But the woman, thinking that he is actually the other stranger, is extremely cold towards him. Later on he gets a note from the woman, telling him to meet her in the rose garden (not to sure about this location) but instead of finding his beloved, he has some sort of accident. he wakes up to find that he cant move himself... Someone is urging him to move but when he tries to get up, for some reason, his hand, which does not feel like his own, starts the clap shut... on the groin of the person that s telling him to get up.

anyway, he finds out that he is no longer in his own body but in some strange robotic suit. Someone explains to him that they transferred him into this suit but they couldn't put all of the nerves in the right places. So to the protagonist, moving his body becomes a great challenge...

At this point it is apparently hundreds of years after the launch of the ship- everyone that the protagonist knew is dead.

Also, the loan shark that was chasing the protagonist, somehow, also gets on the ship and, somehow, is also in one of these robotic suits. He is going around murdering people in the ship. I believe he rips out the skull and spine and makes some sort of twisted sculptures with them. He also leaves messages with blood around the ship. Messages that noone can read becuase none of people on the ship have learnt to read. It is the protagonist that is able to read these "runes".

Errm some other characters on board the ship include a perverted priest of some faith. A religious woman who tends to beat herself unkowing of the spy camera's that the priest has placed on her. There is some other woman, i'm not sure, it might even be the woman that beats herself, that looks exactly like the protagonists first love.

I think i've gone on a bit, but i just wanted to give all the info i could. Be aware that i might be getting some of the info mixed up with other stories i have read, but i'm sure that this is all just about accurate.

September 30th, 2010, 11:48 AM
bump! help me please!!!

October 30th, 2010, 02:59 AM
It is "Colony" by Rob Grant (coauthor of Red Dwarf)