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September 28th, 2010, 06:44 PM
...but not the title or author :(

It's from a compilation I owned maybe fifteen years ago, though I think it probably dates from the 70s.

One story described a world in which criminals were sent to a jail which mimicked real life where the prisoners were forced to repeatedly carry out their crime every day in order to fullfil a quota. Kind of an OTT version of making a kid caught with a cigarette smoke the entire pack. Criminals having committed crimes of similar seriousness were located together, but weren't allowed to commit these crimes against each other...rather against a different class of inmate.

Another story involved a salesman who'd been frozen in time in some way. The economy of the world in which he awoke was driven by salesmen who all operated via hypnotising people. The protagonist was a dizzying success whenever he tried a new sales technique (because his customers weren't armed against them), though once he'd used the technique once it became famous and worthless.

The third story I remember least of all...it was about an undercover alien scout who'd been situated on Earth for some time to determine weaknesses for an invasion. His business was heavily investigated by the IRS or similar, and his report to his superiors concluded that society would collapse under it's own bureaucratic red tape and no armed invasion would be necessary.

Any suggestions as to the author/title of the compilation would be most helpful!