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November 17th, 2010, 03:04 PM
I'd appreciate any help in trying to remember the title of a book I read sometime around the early 1990's. It was on the new arrivals shelf at the local library, so that narrows down the publication date. It was definitely before 1995.

What I remember about the story:

Some kind of parallel universe in which the Winchester Mansion actually had stairs that lead to other rooms, where in our universe they don't. And maybe a fire in the mansion?

Some kind of post-apocalyptic society where children are born with strange colors of hair.

Some kind of object kept in a box that has weight and mass, but can't be seen.

I've been trying to remember more about this story for years but don't seem to have much to go on. I thought if there are any Winchester Mansion fans out there, one of them might remember reading this and be able to help me out.

It was a great read. Wish I could find it again.....Thanks