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November 25th, 2010, 11:32 AM
Somewhere within the last 24 months, me and a mate were killing time in a Waterstones in Plymouth. In the sci fi section I found an awesome book to read, for 15 minutes and fell in love. I have forgotten both the name of the book and the author...... If you can please help!!!!

For reference I use the term robot loosely.

It was a featured book at waterstones. Large hard back book at the time. The cover was of a female robotic figure on the front on top of a mountain of destroyed humanoid robots.

In the first chapter a male and female robot are making a baby by taking componants from themselves and building the child. A robot from another enemy faction kills the 'father'. There are I think 3 warring factions.

That is all I can remember..... If you hav e read this book and know of it I beg you please let me know!!!! Im going mad trying to find it.

November 25th, 2010, 11:45 AM
Twisted Metal

There's a sequel too.

November 25th, 2010, 11:59 AM
Thats the one!!!! I think I love you!!!

November 28th, 2010, 06:05 AM
Always nice to be appreciated. And to get in with an answer before anyone else :D