View Full Version : help looking for trilogy from 70s maybe? Wolfling may be one title

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December 4th, 2010, 01:16 PM
I have tried to find this forever!

What I remember is this man starts manifesting powers. I think the first thing he notices is that he wakes up levitating over his bed.

There are a couple of bad guy charachters that some how send him to an alternate earth/universe where there is magic etc. The book is his travels and him trying to find out what happened and get home -there is a woman back home.

I think he finds a way to beat the trap and get home to the woman, but the bad guys have imprisoned her, and destroyed his body so he can only reach her mind.

ends with him moving on and she wakes up floating over the bed.

The second book as I remember it followed some characters he met in the other world. Woman shaman and her man?

Third book, which is the one I keep thinking was called wolfling, was about his son by a young woman the first guy met in the alternate world.

I think one of the titles was Godlings?

Sound familiar to any one?