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March 29th, 2011, 09:30 AM
Hi All,

Been lurking around for a while and was hoping to get some help to find the title/author of a book I read about 10 ~ 15 years ago. It recently came up in conversation with a friend and we would very much like to read it again.

The premise of the book was making first contact with an alien race that just appears in our solar system. The humans are suspicious and uncomfortable with these seemingly harmless aliens due to the fact that they have bred "lab assistants" which bear a striking resemblance to humans.

The aliens turn out to be the last of their kind, responding to a message sent to them from earth in the distant past - these aliens actually go to earth, fiddle with a very large power system there and transport themselves and their lab assistants into the past, effectively providing the 'missing link' in human evolution.

The main characters of book include a girl/young woman and an outdated android which is revealed to be much more advanced, is made from artificial alloy and acts as a sophisticated bodyguard for the aliens when they arrive on earth. There is a scene in the book where the main characters are staring at a rock with a vein of this artificial alloy which has baffled scientist for decades. This vein is of course the petrified remains of our android friend.

Well, thats pretty much all we remember of the book other than it was a decent read. Any help would be greatly appreciated as its driving me nuts!