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June 28th, 2011, 04:59 PM
Hope someone can remember this book from my childhood. I guess it was aimed at young adults, probably from the 80s.

Earth is pretty much wasted from pollution, and people live in massive high rises that are like self-contained cities. The sub levels are home to the drop outs of society.

The protagonist of the book is a keen gardener, growing house plants on his balcony, but is always on the lookout for marauding flying aliens that terrorise citizens. I seem to remember he killed one and its leader cut out the dead one's tongue and gave it to him as a trophy? I seem to remember the aliens were described almost as looking like humanoid reptiles with leathery wings.

Shopping is delivered by some kind of matter transmitter set inside a special room for the purpose in each person's appartment and someone attempts to kill the protagonist by locking him in the room and engaging the system.

Each chapter begins with a news article displaying the news headlines from some kind of forerunner of system analogous to the Internet, with the option to buy the story and its cost, as the protagonist would read it on his computer system.

I'd appreciate any ideas as to wha this book could be. Read it loads in the early 90s but only have vague memories of it, I remember someone was trying to kill the protagonist, but can't even remember why!