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June 29th, 2011, 01:43 PM
I remember when I was a kid in the late 70's there was this 1-hour long TV sci-fi drame shot on video. It took place in this near-future world where everyone had mass-communication at their fingertips (everyone had a wristwatch radio phone, jumbo TV screens were on every wall, and music was pumped into PA systems whereever you walked). Not that different from today. Well, the action takes place in a state-run mental health clinic where a psychologist sees a first time patient, a guy who has been charged by the state as anti-social because he ripped all the communication wiring out of his house so he could just sit in silence. The drama of the story centers around the psychologist trying to understand why the patient has rejected modern living and the inter-commication of society. But, it turns into a session where the patient starts convincing the doctor that actually it's society that has it wrong and people should be able to get some peace and quiet once in a while.

Do you remember the name of this TV show? It was not part of any anthology series that I can remember. Can you?